Young homebuyers’ favorite suburb tops week’s hottest Dallas headlines

Publisher’s Note: A lot has happened this week so here is your chance to be caught up with. Read on for the week’s most popular headlines.

1. Surprising suburb of Dallas named best US city for homebuyers under 35, according to a study. For some young professionals in Dallas, buying a home in a quiet area in the suburbs is more appealing than a fancy high-rise along a busy freeway within the city limits. A study published Jan. 14 by Personal Finance website SmartAsset ranked the top 50 US cities with the highest number of homebuyers under the age of 35. Only one DFW city made it into the top 10 (drum roll please): Mesquite.

2. The upscale Mediterranean restaurant in McKinney is given a second life. A McKinney restaurant is brought back to life. The Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen, which was first opened in 2016, has been redesigned by new owners and now serves upscale Mediterranean comfort dishes in a stylish, contemporary atmosphere.

3. The newest Food Hall in Dallas-Fort Worth opens with an excellent foodie cast. Dallas-Fort Worth has a new food hall that is emerging as one of the best entries in the region: Harvest Hall is a sprawling European-style food hall and venue with a collection of local culinary concepts opening in Grapevine in February will be 6.

4. Dallas sourdough pioneer expands bread empire with new storefront. The renowned Empire Baking Company in Dallas opens a second location and supplies sourdough bread and other products for the east side of Dallas. The bakery is located in its wholesale facility at 5614 E. University Blvd. open a store with the aim of opening in the spring.

5. The last Sears store in Dallas-Fort Worth will close in April. The last Sears store in Dallas-Fort Worth closes. Located on the Town East Mall in Mesquite, the store is one of a dozen stores the department store chain is closing across the country.

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