‘Tinkers and makers gym’ opens in Richardson and more Dallas-Fort Worth business news from January

Best described as a “gym for hobbyists and doers”, the non-profit not only provides a physical space for collaboration between people interested in topics like robotics, coding, and 3D printing, but also hosts meetups and events for their members. (Courtesy TheLab.ms)

Start reading business news from the Dallas-Fort Worth area starting January.


Swagath Biryanis will open a new location in Frisco later this year

Irving’s Swagath Biryanis, a scratch kitchen that uses only fresh halal ingredients, brings a new Indian cuisine to Frisco.


The Blue Goose Cantina in Grapevine offers a family environment

Many residents of the Metroplex Dallas Fort-Worth know the Blue Goose Cantina for its fast service, strong margaritas and Tex-Mex cuisine with fresh ingredients.

Basement Roanoke Northeast Fort Worth

Roanoke Pharmacy and Gift Shop: The owner is focused on customer service

Scott Palmer, owner of Roanoke Pharmacy and Gift Store, has been in the pharmacy for more than 40 years.

Lewisville-Flower Mound-Highland Village

Motor City Pizza offers Detroit-style favorites in Lewisville

The supplier specializes in Detroit-style pizza – a deep, rectangular pizza with a light, airy quality.


The new McKinney private school doesn’t need algebra or calculus

The Renaissance School is coming to McKinney in the fall of 2022 to raise the whole child and equip them with basic life skills, including financial literacy, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, meal preparation, and car maintenance.


Burnt BBQ & Tacos now open in Plano

The restaurant serves grilled dishes like smoked brisket with coffee and roasted pork with garlic, as well as tacos, family dishes and side dishes.


TheLab.ms soft will open to members of the Richardson Makerspace

The self-described “gym for hobbyists and doers” is a non-profit organization that provides space for collaboration between people interested in robotics, coding, hardware hacking, 3D printing and more.

Francesca D’Annunzio, Sandra Sadek, Daniel Houston, William C. Wadsack, Liesbeth Powers, and Olivia Lueckemeyer contributed to this report.

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