This Week In Dallas-Area Food & Drink News (12.16.20)

DFW’s first immigrant-run, Asia-inspired pizzeria opens in Richardson. DFW is well on its way to opening even more hot chicken places and more.

Welcome to The Spread, our weekly feature aiming to get all the printable news from the restaurant, food and beverage industries in the region. Other than that this is the internet, space is not an issue. Also: Good, because this is Dallas and there is always the latest restaurant news in this city like whoa.

It’s always exciting to start the summary of the week on a positive note!

It’s even more exciting to see more immigrants and POC entering the entrepreneurial realm of the restaurant. Over in Richardson Far East Pizza Co. has opened and features the first Asia-inspired pizzeria in North Texas. Owner and cook Nidhi middle moved to the states for a better life for her and her family. Now work closely with Chef Troy Gardner of TLC vegan cuisineBoth Mittal and Gardner have put together a menu that combines Mittal’s favorite recipes from India with numerous American-Italian dishes. The unique menu includes halal beef and pepperoni pizzas, butter paneer pasta Alfredo and chicken seekh meatball sandwiches, which are served in naan.

Speaking of cool new things to do, Dallas opened a nonprofit coffee shop Exodus ministries. Called Well ground coffee communityThe new place will keep mothers who were previously incarcerated and are looking for a second chance. Well Grounded has already hired two women as baristas in their newest cafe to decorate Casa Linda in East Dallas.

In the meantime, as if the California Gold Rush to Texas couldn’t get the LA-based Hot Chicken Restaurant better or worse Dave’s hot chicken plans to open 10 restaurants in Dallas by 2025.

That is, if you absolutely can’t wait for another hot chicken restaurant to eat from, Hot brides in Plano was officially opened on December 14th. Hot Chicks is also planning expansions in Dallas, Las Colinas, Arlington, and Willow Park, according to the Dallas Morning News. Please, let’s just catch up on the first six Hot Chicken Spots that opened this year before they open any further.

To be honest, we ask you all from the bottom of our hearts.

That said, if you’re craving something sweet after the Tums have done their magic, Haute sweets patisserie is open again. On November 17, a woman crashed an SUV through the window of the dessert shop after pressing the accelerator instead of the brake. After a successful GoFundMe campaign, however, the shop was rebuilt just in time for the Christmas confectionary.

If you can learn something from accidents, you can always build up and become stronger than before. We are not saying this will be the case when it reopens Redfields Neighborhood Tavern, but we remain hopeful. As you will no doubt recall, the bar was known back then as Redfields Tavern was accused of homophobia back in October after ownership of audio was recorded, voicing fears of becoming a “gay bar”. Now Redfield’s has hired an experienced bar manager Dylan Asher Monitor operations. Asher identifies as gay, according to a statement addressed to the LGBTQ + community.

Lastly, on the controversial front, we’re thrilled to find out that at least that’s drama-related Corndog without a name The brand is expected to open a new location at the Preston Center after its leaked case is settled Glenda “GG” Fletcher of Original Fletcher’s Corny Dogs brand – yes, this one. Set to open in the 2,000 square foot space that was once housed Urban CapheThis new place dedicated to the corndog will serve funnel cake and hopes to include a liquor license in its range soon.

We’re almost certain this is not the plot of a disposable Arrested Development episode.

Photo of Tika Tika Time Pizza courtesy of Far East Pizza Co.

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