These Dallas Restaurants Are Open (or Closed) During 2021 Winter Storm

Over the weekend, temperatures plummeted and Dallas-Fort Worth experienced some of the most extreme snowfalls in years. As a result, we are all stuck at home thanks to slick, snow-covered roads and rolling power outages caused by an overloaded power grid.

Not surprisingly, most of the city’s restaurants closed their doors on Monday. Temperatures are not expected to be above freezing on Tuesday, which means many plants are likely to remain closed until it gets a little warmer. Even so, some places in the neighborhood choose to stay open to provide hot meals to people without electricity thanks to the staff living nearby.

It goes without saying that if you are going to eat out in these conditions, it’s probably best to stick to spots a short walk away. Oh, and make sure you tip strongly – people may risk their lives to get to work in these conditions and they shouldn’t have to do it without being well compensated for doing that essential work.

Check out Eater’s list below for a guide on what’s open, what’s still closed, and when your favorite restaurants will reopen when Snowpocalypse settles in 2021.

What is open:

  • Opening Bell Coffee – Open Monday
  • City Tavern – Open Monday
  • LDU coffee – open Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Saint Roccos New York Italians – Reopening Tuesday February 16
  • One90 Smoked Meats – Open regular business hours
  • Sushi Marquee – Regular business hours
  • Shell Shack – All locations are open during regular business hours
  • Ebb & Flow – Open for regular business hours
  • Halycon Coffee – Open Monday
  • The Nodding Donkey – Open Tuesday at 11am with a limited menu
  • Elm & Good – opening on Tuesday at 5 p.m.
  • Lakewood Juice Bar – open Tuesday 9am to 7pm; People without electricity are encouraged to stop by to charge their phones, fill containers with water, and warm up inside.
  • The Peak Inn – Open Monday

What is closed:

  • Resident Taqueria – Closed Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Haute Sweets Patisserie – Closed “until this winter storm is over,” according to a post on the shop’s Instagram account.
  • Son of a butcher – Closed until further notice
  • Maple Leaf Diner – Closed Tuesday
  • State & Allen – Closed Tuesday
  • Taco y Vino – Closed until further notice
  • Heim Barbecue – All Heim Barbecue locations are closed until Thursday, February 18.
  • Trinity Groves – All Trinity Groves restaurants are closed at least until Tuesday.
  • RM 1220 Bistro – closed Tuesday
  • Stackhouse Burgers – Closed Monday
  • Sandwich Hag – closed Monday

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