‘The ultimate love story:’ Dallas couple meets, falls in love on Southwest flight to Love

Cathlyn and Michael Davis met on a flight when a pastor sat between them, engaging them in a deep conversation about faith. This pastor directed their wedding.

DALLAS – More than 7 million people live in the Dallas area.

More than 29 million call Texas home.

America has more than 325 million people.

And we share the planet with more than 7 billion people.

Finding the perfect match among all these people sounds daunting here on earth.

But what if you are 30,000 feet above it?

The flight

A 5:00 am Monday flight home to Dallas after a girls’ weekend in New York City sounded like a good idea when Cathlyn Jones booked it.

But the night before it was taken, she said, “I was absolutely scared of it.”

“I had to wake up at exactly 3:30 in the morning to get to LaGuardia.”

She even said to her sister that she would not wear makeup at the airport. She planned to put it on on the plane or in an Uber on the way to work once she landed.

Cathlyn’s sister told her not to do this “because you will never know who you will meet.”

Michael Davis, a little leaguer who was in the Minnesota Twins system, flew back from visiting a friend.

He hoped to be able to sleep the whole trip after getting little rest over the weekend.

Cathlyn boarded Southwest Flight 2142 to Love Field and walked straight to the exit row thanks to the airline’s open seating arrangement.

She had the choice between free places.

“It was between Michael – who is a pretty good looking guy – and another person. I said, ‘I’ll try!’ She said with a laugh.

She sat down and left the middle space between her and Michael empty.

Minutes later this place was no longer empty.

The pastor

Bonny Andrews is from India and moved to America as a missionary.

He flew to Texas for the first time and never missed the opportunity to start a conversation about his beliefs.

“I’m a pastor, I’m a person,” said Bonny. “I think, ‘Maybe I have to say hello to you. Maybe I have to save someone! ‘”

He introduced himself to Cathlyn and Michael. Then they introduced themselves.

And for the next four hours the conversation flowed.

“Everyone else on that plane loved us at that hour,” said Michael. “We told him what to eat in Texas and where to go.”

The three talked about everything from food to friends to family.

They found out that Michael’s aunt and uncle were Cathlyn’s neighbors when she was growing up in Austin.

“That was a little god wink,” said Cathlyn.

But most of their conversations – the best of their conversations – focused on faith.

“It felt very natural,” said Cathlyn. “We are strong believers and our beliefs are very important to us, so it was an emotional experience.”

Bonny even asked if they could pray together before the end of their flight.

“I just felt some spark in there,” he said. “As a preacher, I can say that it was a connection with God. I mean, I meet tons of people, but certain people, you just know something just happened. “

And when they landed in Love Field, they all seemed to know.

“We said goodbye and I texted my mom on the way to work and said, ‘I just met my husband. I know exactly. Don’t call me crazy I promise it is, ” said Cathlyn.

Michael did the same time.

“He sent his sister a text saying, I think I just met my wife!” Said Bonny. “I mean this is crazy!”

The relationship

Michael didn’t ask for Cathlyn’s number, which she called “crap”.

But they followed one another on social media and within a few days he sent her a message inviting her to dinner.

The intense conversation on the plane “definitely made the first date easier,” said Michael.

The morning Michael was about to suggest he called Bonny and asked if they could pray together again.

Michael suggested on a plane to the southwest of the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas.

“And the next thing I know is that I’m going to be invited to your wedding!” Said Bonny. “This is a crazy story for an Indian. You can’t even see this stuff in Bollywood! “

The wedding

Bonny flew to Austin and helped Cathlyn and Michael’s wedding.

It was an exquisite proposition that involved several nods to its start in the sky.

At the reception there was a photo booth with a southwest background and a row of seats.

They also put Southwest snacks in their guests’ hotel rooms.

Cathlyn said she told her individual friends to be open to finding love with anyone anywhere.

And Michael said their relationship is evidence that a single interaction can change someone’s life.

“This is the ultimate love story,” said Bonny. “There are so many injured people sitting on airplanes. You just have no idea. Say a word of hope. “

“The Bible says you should love your neighbor. Well, your neighbor will be right there for the next few hours, so give him a word of comfort. It’s like a glass of cold water on a hot summer day. “

Cathlyn and Michael look forward to building a life together in Dallas.

But if a job offer for another city somehow evolves from someone they’re sitting next to on a flight, they said they had to consider taking a move.

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