The Best New Dallas Bars Of 2020.

Even in a pandemic, these 10 Dallas bars have somehow opened up and offer us tons of spots to look forward to in the (hopefully safer) years to come.

In a year marked by a litany of permanent closings, it is not only the places that managed to weather the pandemic storm that deserve our respect and future patronage. Those foolhardy enough to appear on stage all these years also need their props.

Listen: We’re not going to blame you for taking a break to get out of town in the past nine months. In fact, we celebrate you for listening to reason.

At the same time, this decision meant missing out on the opening of an eruption across the city. Thankfully, a vaccine is coming and once this outbreak is under control you will have plenty of time to tick the boxes on your list of new places to visit.

This list is intended to help you structure your list. These locations were chosen not only for their opening dates, but also for their sprawling architectures and landscapes, all of which reflect well the upcoming post-pandemic era.

That’s right folks: new undried bar stools and open terraces are the big factors in this list of the best new Dallas bars in 2020. Hopefully sooner or later you can enjoy them yourself worry-free.

Another round (West Dallas)

This year, a new hipster mini golf course opened near the Sylvan Thirty complex in West Dallas. Located on 660 Fort Worth Avenue, this industrial area is home to a very adorable 12-hole mini-golf setup that groups of up to 14 people can rent out entirely for an hour while they spread out the effect and have a little fun.

Oak Cliff Brewing Co. (Oak Cliff) beer garden

Oak Cliff Brewing Co. has proudly sat at Tyler Station since 2018, but the newly opened outdoor beer garden is a cool nod right now. The red wood shavings on the floor, the fairy lights and the large, widely spaced wooden picnic tables make this beer garden by the stream the perfect place for a night out, either after a long bike ride or before an art exhibition.

Pegasus City Brewery (Downtown Dallas)

Pegasus City Brewery opened its sophisticated Art Deco taproom in the historic Power & Light Building in downtown Dallas in November, making it the first of its kind in the neighborhood. With its spacious and huge taproom, this place breathes much-needed life into the beautiful but notoriously boring scene in downtown Dallas. Noteworthy: This is the second taproom location in Pegasus City of the design district. The original location is just down the street, a quarter up.

Roy G’s (oak lawn)

One of the people who brought us ridiculously good restaurants like Street’s Fine Chicken and Liberty Burger is Roy G’s, a bright rainbow-themed bar right on the Cedar Springs Strip. In addition to a large wooded deck, this inclusive and fun spot also offers delicious and affordable cocktails like the $ 9 Southern Belle. During your stay, ask for a “threesome” – Roy G’s version of a drink combination that includes a shot of alcohol, a chaser, and a literal bite of food.

The Pool ClubThe Pool Club at Virgin Hotels Dallas (Design District)

If you go to the roof of the fourth floor of the Virgin Hotel in the Design District, you will find the Pool Club – a place that brings the heat even in these colder times. This rooftop pool lounge and bar has plenty of cabanas chalets for rent that you and a small group can reserve in advance to secure your spot in one of the best spots in town and people watch. No, you will never know who you will see here – from the wannabe starlets to the real connoisseurs in authentic style.

Thunderbird Station (Deep Ellum)

If high maintenance and shine are definitely not your cup of tea, try a sip of G-Tea-O at Thunderbird Station in Deep Ellum! Aside from the Single Wide and Double Wide across the street, it’s the newest place to join Kim Finch’s tough but laid-back list of concepts. The auto garage-themed bar isn’t all kitsch either: It was opened in a room built in 1922 that once housed Maynard Regiel’s Gulf Service – an old gas station that stood there for 62 years.

Vector Brew (Lake Highlands)

The next time you’re in Lake Highlands, check out Vector Brewing, a suitably flashy new brewery that has a few silly nod to graphic design. No really: the name is a reference to these infinitely scalable graphic files that won’t distort or ruin their resolution when you change their size! This makes sense because the founders are both creatives who grew up in the service industry.

Yellow Pink (Deep Ellum)

Located next to sister spot Basic Taco on Commerce Street, this agave spirit speakeasy and cockteleria was inspired by the streets of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. It has tiny rental rooms for two specially designed “Sancho Rooms” for guests who want to escape the crowds. Still not comfortable in a cozy interior? Don’t worry: this new cantina also has a courtyard that will make your Instagram followers think you’re crazy enough to travel internationally during a pandemic.

Swizzle (Lower Greenville)

When this long-awaited tiki bar finally opened in Lower Greenville, it caused quite a stir! (Oh, come on! That was fun!) It took Swizzle almost four years to open up after it began as a series of pop-ups from the masterminds behind it, Jen and Marty Reyes. Since the departure of Trader Vic’s in 2010 and the short-lived run of Pilikia on Ross Avenue in the late ’10s, Swizzle has been basically the only legitimate tiki bar – in Dallas at least – that really goes above and beyond the regular Mai Tai Tariff. Increase the quality with the tropical cuisine of this place – and try some of these signature Loco Balls while you are at it.

Jaxon Beer Garden (Downtown Dallas)

Jaxon Beer Garden is located at 311 S. Akard Street and is a perfect outdoor patio. It’s the perfect place to catch a beer with plenty of space. The Jaxon Beer Garden doesn’t offer a large selection of beers and wines, but rather an impressive bar menu put together by longtime Dallas cocktail guru Alex Fletcher. Jaxon is one of many new attractions at the dazzling, tech-savvy entertainment complex, the $ 100 million AT&T Discovery District. Jaxon isn’t just one of the most fascinating new options in town. It already makes the Discovery District one of the most successful nightlife spots.

Cover picture by Karlo X. Ramos.

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