The Best Dallas Takeout for Your Super Bowl LV Watch Party

The Super Bowl is back. Tampa Bay and Kansas City will face each other on Sunday, February 7th. In the meantime, viewers will be faced with the food. Besides the actual game, the other main event is the continuous chewing for the whole day. We hope that you will continue to take care of your immediate household.

Maybe you have queso in the crockpot. Perhaps you are planning a fancy sausage board this year – hey, you can assemble the crackers into shapes “L” and “V”.

There’s no shortage of takeaway options – we’ve got a full list here. That said, we have a few offers and a few favorites for you to help you avoid messing around in the kitchen all morning. Psst. Receive our orders early!


Bryan Street Tavern
The pizzas that come from this favorite East Dallas good aren’t just topped with toppings you won’t see anywhere. Behold the Dalton: spicy buffalo chicken and chunky blue cheese on a pizza. Two matchday foods in one. Genius.

Greenville Avenue Pizza Company
The Super Bowl sampler makes it easy to feast during the game. The $ 55 meal includes a dozen garlic knots, a dozen toasted ravioli, and a dozen pizza poppers. Either call Greenville Ave. or Peavy Rd. Locations where you can place your order until 12:00 noon on February 5th.

Red dog
Therefore true Neapolitan Taste, you have to go with the Cane Rosso wood-fired charred crust. There are soppressata with habanero honey for the spice seekers or cakes that are topped with Luscher’s red hots. Trust us when you mix arugula with shaved ham, which “comes into your green” for the day.

Pizza lounge
This Fair Park pizzeria makes large, round, hearty cakes that put their thin crust counterparts to shame. While the batter is light in taste and intrigue, the toppings – from Jimmy’s Italian sausage to habanero peppers to a pizza-shaped cheeseburger – make up for ten times that. The garlic knots are the greasiest and best knots in town. (For those who need to know, Pie Tap’s Knot with Parmesan Cheese Dip is a close second.)

Thunderbird pies
Speaking of thick pizza, the Detroit-style cake breakout in Dallas really got the pizza scene going. Among them, Thunderbird Pies is a standout. The tall sides of the pizza have a caramelized cheddar on the outside. In the meantime, the menu ranges from fried chicken and ricotta to meatballs and parmesan.


On the recent arrival in Dallas, meal packs are available for the whole game day. The EndZone Wings contain a dozen chicken cookies, mac and cheese, and fried okra with cornmeal. Most meal packages cost around $ 100.

When you think of this Matt McCallister restaurant you might think of a great meal, but make no mistake, Homewood knows how to cook home cooked meals too. Just check out the Super Bowl take away on Sunday with a dozen chicken wings (either classic or gochujang sauce), grilled pork pusher, laden tater skins (increase the bougie level by adding caviar), jalapeños with bacon, and cream cheese . and onion fritters. Orders are $ 65 for two very hungry people. For another $ 30, you can throw in some cocktails in the quart (Marg, Old Fashioned, or Daiquiri). Call 214-434-1244 or send an email [email protected] by 5 February at 5 p.m. Choose February 7 between 12 p.m. and 3 a.m.

Ten Bells Tavern
The wings of this Oak Cliff tavern have grown a loyal following for good reason. The garlicky secret sauce with beer, brown sugar and Frank’s Red Hot makes a deep red sheath for a plate of drumettes.

Mighty Chick Beer Chicken
Last year, two Korean transplants from New York opened a restaurant in Watauga that serves a variety of chicken dishes, including wings (extra crispy, Nashville hot, or cheesy snowflake, a popular Korean-style chicken cheese powder) and nuggets, also known as “chicken bombs.” available in Barbecue Soy Garlic, Seoul Hot, Sweet and Spicy, Crunchy and Cheesy.

Delicious tails
While Louisiana-style seafood and other NOLA favorites reign supreme at this restaurant, don’t sleep on the hand-flapped wings marinated in Cajun spices. Let them rub dry, season with lemon pepper or serve with various sauces – the “Hella OMG Spicy” sauce is definitely something for heat lovers.

The South Korean fast-casual chain serves its much-touted fried chicken from its location in The Colony. Crispy bird platters come coated with signature sauces like a spicy gochujang and soy garlic, along with parmesan-dusted french fries. (Bonchon has a different location come to Addison with plans to open this month.)

LB Wings and Babb Bros. BBQ
This is a two-in-one grand piano and cue team between two Trinity Groves spots. Get a feast of 16 wings, 16 chicken tenders, a pound and a half of pork with slider bun, three sauces and toppings ($ 55). Order online by Friday, February 5th at 5 p.m., pick-up on Sunday, February 7th.


One90 smoked meat
Grab a barbecue smorgasbord that covers all of the snack bases: a pound of sliced ​​brisket and pulled pork, a rib, salmon dip, and a pint of queso. Pre-order for $ 100 by 5pm on February 5th

Lockhart smokehouse
You can order for a horde or just for you at this Central Texas cave. In any case, you will be hired next Sunday. You’ll find smoky chicken, sausage, pork chops, and ribs here. You can choose the greasiness of your brisket or go for the lump, the leaner brisket cousin, if you’re not trying to go overboard with rich foods. As always, check out the specials on Lockhart’s Facebook page (the three Ps featured most recently: Prime Rib, Pulled Pork and Peach Cobbler).

Terry Black’s barbecue
Deep Ellum’s cue joint is made up of small and large family packs filled with meat (choose from minced beef, pork ribs, sliced ​​brisket, and more) and side dishes like creamed corn, mac and cheese, and pinto beans.

Smokey John’s Bar-B-Que
The “Big Game” pack contains two pounds of ribs, three pounds of smoked chicken wings, half a gallon of brisket queso, and a gallon of Smokey John’s sweet tea or lemonade. This order is not for the faint of heart. Get it all for $ 100.

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