Teen fatally shot man in moving vehicle, then took his money before dumping his body, Dallas police say

A 19-year-old is behind bars after police alleged he fatally shot and killed another man in a moving vehicle, dumped his body in south Dallas and forced the driver to continue at gunpoint.

Iszalyn Lamon Starks is charged with murder in connection with the November 12th death of William Vance.

That evening, officers were called to the 4900 block on Wanda Street near Elsie Faye Heggins and Lamar Streets, where they found Vance undercover by the street. He had been shot several times.

Detectives wrote on an affidavit that they later spoke to a man who said he was driving a vehicle with Starks and Vance in the back seat. They had planned to sell guns, he told police, but then Starks shot Vance while they were driving.

Starks took Vance’s money and threw his body on the street, the affidavit said. The driver told police Starks then held a gun to his head and told him to keep going.

Police said Starks threatened the driver on Facebook messages. He also announced that he would not go to jail and that the affidavit said he would not leave witnesses.

Starks was arrested Tuesday and sent to Dallas County Jail, where he remains in custody. In addition to being charged with murder, he is severely attacked with a lethal weapon and bail is $ 1.2 million. His lawyer could not be reached immediately for comment.

Two weeks prior to the shooting, Starks pleaded guilty to a criminal accident, evasion of arrest, and theft of a firearm resulting from multiple incidents in 2019. He was given a five-year suspended sentence.

Days later, he made no objection to a wrongdoing charge – he was accused of beating his girlfriend in April 2019 – and was sentenced in a plea to about nine months in prison. Nor did he plead against several other offenses at the same time.

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