Takeout Tuesday DFW Encourages Dallas to Keep Supporting Restaurants

At this point in our pandemic journey, you may be used to cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner most days of the week. You may even have lulled yourself into a false sense of security with neat little Tupperware stacks of food preps in the refrigerator. But Dallas restaurants, bars and food bloggers are begging you: Put down the grilled chicken and broccoli. While the local spots continue to struggle, take-away orders have skyrocketed and many restaurants have had to close for good.

More than a month ago, Val Jean Bart from Val’s Cheesecakes called his food media contacts and asked: “How can I help, what can I do, what resources do we have as a community?” Around thirty influencers and bloggers considered which tools they would use were available. The result: Takeout Tuesday DFW.

Takeout Tuesday is a social media-based initiative currently run by a group of 30 to 40 bloggers and influencers based in DFW who have come together every Tuesday to organize Takeout deals. The Instagram account shares and conquers by district and combines options from a Dallas district and a suburb every Tuesday.

Dallas food writer Foodbitch is currently managing the account. Her strategy, she explains, is to encourage the people of Dallas to support their local restaurants and put off the beaten track places in the spotlight. “In the last week there have been places in Desoto that the media or the like went unnoticed and could really use the help,” she says.

Projects like this, born entirely out of a collective passion to help our favorite restaurants survive, can really help these troubled areas during difficult times. Foodbitch emphasized simple and straightforward takeaway options as the key to getting customers through the door. “Like the kits from Ese Pollo where people pick up a chicken and then two other things like margs and queso,” she says. “You have three package options and you just get it and go – it’s easy.” The Takeout Tuesday team is using this streamlined strategy for every restaurant they work with to create a simplified takeout offering – think snack kits and reduced meal combinations. Then they create graphics and advertise the specials.

Now, in the fifth week, the project has made its progress and increased sales for many participants. Val’s Cheesecake “sold a Saturday on a Tuesday” during Lower Greenville week.

Prepare for the next Takeout Tuesday on September 8th, which covers options in East Dallas / Lakewood and Arlington. You can expect BuzzBrews, Snowbaby, and Cane Rosso, among others, to come up with their own specialty packs to save you from the mediocrity of food preparation. Stay up to date on Instagram or Facebook with @takeouttuesdaydfw for the latest updates on participating restaurants and neighborhoods every Tuesday.

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