Takeout Time: Dallas Bars Are Selling To-Go Cocktails and Food

There is hardly a business that is left untouched by the wrath of the coronavirus. But in a to-and-fro dance of closing, re-opening, and closing again, the bars were once again forced to close their interiors to the public.

Bars have closed their doors since last Friday and restaurants have reduced the dining room capacity to 50 percent. Once again. The thin silver lining? Bars may offer mixed drinks to take away with take away orders, as permitted by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. (The Texas Restaurant Association teams went out of their way; kudos to them.) This week, given the heavy blows to the bars, there are now ways to help them: Take-out.

By no means is this an exhaustive list, it is something to think about when looking to support your favorite bar during this troubled time.

Yes, you still have to order groceries every time you buy alcohol, although it does not require a food to drink ratio. Here is the TABC’s word: “Alcohol is accompanied by a food order prepared on the premises.” That is wide enough for bars to get creative. Well worth calling your favorite to see if they sell on the go.

And note: These alcoholic beverages, regardless of whether they are a cocktail kit or mixed-and-ready, cannot be brought into the passenger compartment of the vehicle according to state law. So pop open the trunk.

Holy Grail Pub
Since March, the Plano pub has been struggling with the state mandate that every company whose alcohol sales are 51 percent and more. Although the Holy Grail falls into this category, it is still a food and family friendly place. If you’re looking for pub-style fish and chips or hearty shepherd’s pie, check out the Grail. On Instagram you will find special offers and temporary menus as well as new opening times (3 p.m. to 9 p.m., closed on Mondays). Call 972-377-6633 for a roadside pickup.

The broken souls
This mezcal bar across from Fair Park is a Dallas treasure trading in rarely seen agave spirits. The pros behind the bar use these spirits in beverages fused with watermelon juice, ancho pepper gunpowder green tea (the alchemy!), And bitters ($ 24 for a pint). Or keep it classic with frozen margaritas and ranch water kits. But don’t sleep on the food. There’s a Sonoran hot dog special for July 4th, a chorizo ​​verde burrito (I had it in the chilirelleno shape and it’s amazing), tacos, eloten, enchiladas, and more. Order online through Postmates or by calling 972-685-5666.

Shoals Sound & Service
While the main reason for visiting Shoals in Deep Ellum may have been the pitch-perfect cocktails or music – or a combination of both – the quiet vegan menu should be different. Co-owner Omar Yeefoon, himself a self-described plant-based vegetarian, says he secretly flipped Shoals’ menu options to be entirely plant-based for a while. That means shiitake mushroom ceviche, vegan Cubano sandwiches, crispy tempeh po’boys, jackfruit barbecue torta smoked with apple wood and much more. Take-away drinks include an espresso martini (enough to satisfy six drinkers), old-fashioned rum, pisco sour, and other classics. Call 469-677-0176 to order or through Uber Eats or Grubhub.

The last estate of the people
Despite the pandemic, People’s Cocktail Whizzes still make amusing tips. The latest was inspired by a Harry Styles pop song called “Watermelon Sugar High,” so you can guess which fruit is the main character here. It is combined with vodka, lime, fresh garden mint, and CBD oil. (A liter is $ 45. This is the average price of about a dozen pre-made drinks you can order here.) It’s a lot easier at the end of the meal – beef pusher, truffle fries, devilish eggs, flatbread, chicken Caesar salad. Order online.

Bowen House
As always, the charming bar in Uptown is ready to prepare you a fine drink. Including this one called Cold Smolder: Smoked Vodka, Ancho Chili Liqueur, Hibiscus, and Lapsang Tea. For the smoke factor, they’ll send you home with wood chips. Get anything from light snacks (olives, devilish eggs) to heartier dishes like a cheeseburger to nibble on. Call 214-484-1385 to order.

Peak Inn
The new Old East Dallas pub already has a loyal following. It offers a kind of “drive-thru” where you can order the now famous burger from us.

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