Survive Summer in Dallas With These 5 Products

Editor’s note: These items are shown clockwise.

ROKA Phantom Ti sunglasses
These sporty sunglasses from the Dallas-based multisport brand make the occasional spot on Zac Efron’s Instagram page, and for good reason. The lightweight frames have Geko pads on the nose and temples, which only work the harder the more you sweat. $ 275,

Natura Bissé C + C Oil-free macro-antioxidant sun protection SPF 30
The Barcelona-based company, with North American headquarters in Irving, has the perfect, best-smelling sunscreen to add to your morning regimen. $ 67, Neiman Marcus

Stranded dry shampoo
Dallas lifestyle blogger Lauren Scruggs Kennedy co-designed Stranded, a range of natural, loose powders made for three unwashed root tones: brunette, blonde, and red. $ 26,

Fave4 hibiscus hair oil
A pearly drop of this new oil from the Dallas Hair Care Company keeps the curls luscious and makes the hair smell like a piña colada.
$ 24,

Jack Black Oil-free sun protection
The Dallas Cowboys’ locker room lotion is not only suitable for men, even if the sweat-resistant sun protection could offer player protection on the hottest summer days. $ 21, Nordstrom

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