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  • Much of the south is likely to have snow accumulation early next week.
  • The snow will fall deep in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.
  • This system can also bring even more snow and ice to parts of the Midwest and the East.

Winter storm Uri is likely to cover parts of the south with heavy snow and some ice early next week before moving to the snow-weary Midwest and East.

This storm was named Winter Storm Uri by The Weather Channel.

This winter storm will bring significantly worse weather conditions than early Thursday morning, resulting in an accumulation of more than 130 vehicles and at least six deaths.

Winter storm setup

A heavy dip of the jet stream south will pivot out of the southern Rockies to the south this weekend. Low surface pressure generally leads northeast of the Gulf of Mexico, enveloping moisture in the cold air.

The bitterly cold air in the plains is only intensified this weekend when records are broken all the way to the south of the Rio Grande Valley.

This will produce snow – and some ice – much further south than usual … and further south than Thursday. From there, this storm could produce significant snow and ice in parts of the Midwest and East.

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Winter storm warnings

The National Weather Service has released winter clocks for parts of Oklahoma and Texas starting Saturday.

A combination of blowing snow, gusty winds and bitterly cold temperatures in this region could create conditions that can make it dangerous to be outside and continue driving. In parts of this surveillance area, almost blizzard conditions are possible on Sunday.


Let’s start by establishing the timing and then generally discuss how much snow can fall.

Forecast time

This storm will bring more snow to the Pacific Northwest first Friday night and Saturday, then Saturday and Sunday in the Great Basin, Rocky Mountains and Four Corners.

Sunday-Sunday night

The snow will spread in the central and southern plains on Saturday evening and will last until Sunday. During Sundays there can be intermittent heavy snowfall in the southern plateaus from Kansas and Oklahoma to the Texas Panhandle and New Mexico. The accumulation of snow can also extend as far as the I-35 corridor in Kansas and Oklahoma on Sunday, including Wichita and Oklahoma City, potentially resulting in slippery, snow-covered roads.

Parts of Texas and Oklahoma can experience near blizzard-like conditions with gusty winds up to 35 miles per hour.

Sunday evening the snow will extend south and east across central and north Texas, including the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex and possibly Austin. The snowfall will also continue in Kansas and Oklahoma, expanding east to northwest of Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, and the Ohio Valley.

A strip of sleet and freezing rain can fall on the southern and eastern ends of precipitation Sunday through Sunday nights across central and east Texas to Louisiana and the Lower Mississippi and Tennessee valleys.



Potentially heavy snow can fall from east Texas to east Oklahoma, parts of Louisiana, Arkansas, and the valleys of mid-Mississippi and Ohio on Monday. Some snowfall or ice could extend into the mid-Atlantic and the inner northeast.

Freezing rain and sleet can occur east of the snow cover of southeast Texas and Louisiana across the Tennessee Valley to Piedmont of Virginia.

By Monday evening, that jumble of heavy snow, freezing rain, and sleet can spread over much of the northeast and mid-Atlantic as it continues south from the Ohio Valley into the Tennessee and Lower Mississippi valleys.



Typically for winter storm forecasts that are so far away, computer forecasting models are not in sync in every detail of the Tuesday forecast.

Currently, most of the forecasting models we examined suggest that most of the winter rainfall in the south should be largely over by Tuesday, with the storm targeting parts of the Great Lakes and the Northeast.

(MORE: Why predictions for winter storms are usually uncertain for many days)


How much snow

Given the abundance of cold air already mentioned, many places that are typically on the border between snow and rain will snow solid during this storm.

This includes places like Dallas-Ft. Value that could easily take up a few inches of snow. This will likely be the first snowfall in Dallas-Ft. Value International Airport with an inch or more of snow as of early March 2015.

The accumulation of snow is also of greater confidence in Austin, Texas. Shreveport, Louisiana; and Memphis, Tennessee.

Some light collections are even possible as far as San Antonio, Houston, Lake Charles, Louisiana. and Jackson, Mississippi. The last measurable snowfall at Hobby Airport in Houston was December 7th to 8th, 2017.

Heavier snow accumulations are most likely from Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle to eastern New Mexico. It’s been 10 years since Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City had at least one two-day 6-inch snow storm that was the infamous Groundhog 2011 Plains to Great Lakes snow storm.


Snow outlook

(While it’s too far to give the exact forecast snowfall values, areas in the purple and pink outlines have the highest likelihood of heavier snowfall.)

Ice from parts of central and southeast Texas is also at risk of building up in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and then parts of the Ohio Valley and the east.

And if all of this is not enough, a second snow and ice event is possible in parts of the south by the middle of next week, possibly in areas affected by this first storm.

(CARDS: 7-day US rain / snow forecast)

Those with travel plans in the Southern Plains and Mid-South regions early next week may want to either have alternative plans or cancel those plans, as roads in this region are likely to become dangerous, if not impassable, if that forecast is held.

If you have to travel this weekend until the beginning of the next few weeks, expect cold temperatures and a lack of warmth if you have problems with your car. Pack a set of blankets, hand warmers, and hats to keep you warm.

Visit for updates and possible changes as the key details will become clearer in the coming days.

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