Search for Food and Fuel Frustrates Cedar Hill Residents – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

In addition to electricity, it is a drag on Dallas-Fort Worth supermarkets as stores struggle to provide staff and more supplies.

Ruth Torres said she had a family hungry for something to eat and she didn’t have many options.

“My sister-in-law is having a baby and like normal meat, we eat things we’ve never eaten,” she said.

People showed up at the Cedar Hill Walmart for a variety of reasons. Chris Morgan is a general contractor looking for supplies.

“A lot of customers blow my thing up, a few broken lines, a lot of water damage that you know about. I just want to help them,” Morgan said.

Many gas stations have been shut down trying to keep up with the demand from people filling their tanks and generators.

“My job is important to a lot of people,” said Tommy Lewis, a grocery store employee. “I don’t push the baskets, nobody gets food and bad times go. I have to do something.”

It’s really just like the electricity situation. The shops are dealing with frozen pipes and lack of supply, not to mention high demand.

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