Scaled Back Weddings Help Scale Up Donations at Minnie’s Food Pantry – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Amanda and Joe Monty said “I do” in a court ceremony last June. Their big wedding celebration had to be postponed to January and reduced to just 30 family members and friends because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“So many people go through so much and have much bigger problems than just changing a guest list or changing a date of their wedding,” said Amanda Monty. “We were really happy to be giving back in a bigger way.”

The couple’s caterer, Chef Jolie Oree-Bailey of Low Country Quisine, suggested the Montys, and another couple who had credited the caterer donated it to fill shelves at Minnie’s Food Pantry in Plano.

“There are so many families who are food insecure because of the pandemic,” Oree-Bailey said. “My mother always told me, even if you have a little, you can always share it.”

Oree-Bailey worked with her grocery vendor and delivery agent to convert the couples’ credit into 72 boxes of groceries. Muesli, beans, mustard, catsup and more.

“If you look down here, you see breakfast. You see lunch,” said Cheryl Jackson, founder of Minnie’s Food Pantry, with a chuckle. “That’s just amazing! Thank you very much!”

“That feeds a lot more than the 125 we wanted to feed for our wedding,” said Joe Monty.

Jackson said the need in Minnie’s Food Pantry increased from 1.3 million meals to 5 million meals in 2020. She doesn’t expect that to subside this year.

“I’m glad she and her husband said ‘I do’ and what they said ‘I do’ is: I believe that every person deserves a meal, every child deserves a meal, every family deserves a meal” said Jackson said. “For the next 100 days, I hope that they will sit at the table and go, someone else eat, because we got married.”

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