Public Utilities Commission Suspends Power Disconnection for Non-Payments – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

The Texas Public Utilities Commission is suspending the failure to pay power interruption so that heads of state can consider corrections for the “financial aftershocks” of last week’s winter storm that inflicted the grid and consumers.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) made the announcement on Sunday in Port San Antonio after a week of millions of Texans facing power outages and many still having water that is not safe to drink. Abbott and the Commission attended an open meeting on Sunday afternoon.

“Texans who have suffered freezing cold without electricity for days shouldn’t face skyrocketing energy bills due to a surge in the energy market,” Abbott said.

The Public Utilities Commission “urged” retail utility companies to postpone billing for residential and small business customers.

“Our top priority as the Commission and the State is to protect electricity customers from the devastating effects of a storm that has already affected their electricity supply,” Chairman DeAnn Walker said later this week, in order to address the potential financial impact that this will have extremely difficult times are particularly challenging. “

Abbott said bipartisan efforts to exonerate and support Texans are accelerating in state assembly.

Productive meeting with Republican and Democratic lawmakers to discuss the rise in energy bills that is affecting many Texans following recent power outages.

We are quick to resolve this problem and will continue to work on solutions together.

– Governor Greg Abbott (@GovAbbott) February 20, 2021

The governor said the state’s electricity grid was back to full capacity, but 30,000 residents were still without power due to problems with equipment or failed lines. He said he expected all power to be restored by Sunday evening or Monday.

Thousands of residents in North Texas and across the state grapple with boiling water notifications and a lack of running water as pipes burst and demand increased.

Abbott said the state will work to have everyone repair broken pipes caused by prolonged freezing temperatures and lack of electricity. The state is bringing more plumbers and the governor urged anyone with broken pipes to call their insurance agent and plumber to start the repair process.

If you don’t have insurance, Abbott said based on a federal disaster statement for Texas, FEMA will help those who have losses from burst pipes.

While the streets were being cleared, making it easier for trucks to deliver groceries for grocery store restocking, the state also worked to bring groceries to hungry Texans. The governor said he suspended regulations to ensure more supplies could get into the state and to allow kitchens to be opened while they were in compliance with food safety guidelines.

The state also distributed ready-to-eat meals, blankets, and generators to anyone who needed them.

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