Pork belly buns and Asian street food take over Uptown Dallas bar

Uptown Dallas will soon have a new Asian restaurant that promises to take us on a unique culinary and mixological journey through Asia. Called AnjuIt’s an elevated Asian street food concept that is on Thomas Ave. 2901 opens in the room that was last occupied by the City Council Bar.

The room is currently being renovated. The official opening is planned for March. In the meantime, they do a transitional preview of the menu to share and refine their best dishes.

Anju is the brainchild of Michael Kim, owner of the hotel company One Esca; and Head Chef Don Flores, most recently at CBD Provisions and Americana at the Joule Dallas Hotel.

Kim bought the City Council Bar in December 2019 and said they had always cherished the idea of ​​developing an Asian concept there.

Her vision is a unique and affordable Asian meal with shareable plates and dishes that highlight flavors from China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand. The restaurant also offers an equally creative mixology program. “Anju” is a Korean term for food that is consumed with alcohol.

The menu includes dishes at an affordable price, including:

  • Karaage chicken

  • Drunk pasta

  • Angus dumplings

  • Pork Belly Bao Buns

The drinks menu includes classic cocktails and Asian drinks such as soju and somaek.

Kim promises that Anju will be like nothing else in the area.

“When we first thought of this concept, we had two priorities,” says Kim. “We wanted to create a unique dining experience, with shared dishes that can be combined with traditional cocktails, but also with the opportunity to enjoy Asian liqueurs and cocktails.”

“With the food, we wanted to offer a place where you can spend $ 12-14 on a cook-made dinner and not feel like you have to break the bank,” he says. “We want to be a place where you can come to dinner when you’re in a rush and don’t want to cook. But it’s nice enough that you can have a party there too.”

“At our core, we’re bringing delicious Asian fusion dishes and unique Asian-style drinks to the region,” he says. “It’s the perfect place for an evening with friends, but it’s also much more than that,” he says. “Anju is affordable and therefore the ideal restaurant to have a meal several times a week.”

The restaurant is 3,000 square meters and is enhanced by a newly designed 2,000 square meter terrace. The decor will be modern and Asian inspired, but with TVs on the walls for watching sports games.

There will also be the Uptown Essential – brunch – but with an Asian twist; Items include chicken and waffles, loco moco, and pork belly breakfast tacos.

They’re currently open for dining and are being delivered by DoorDash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats for takeaway and third-party suppliers. As the restaurant has not officially opened, the menus may change in the coming months. They are currently still using the old website: CityCouncilBar.com.

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