Pizza Shop Surprises Hotel Guests With Hundreds of Pies – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

So many people found it difficult to find food during the winter storm.

Grocery shelves are empty and the few restaurants that are open have long lines. Many people in North Texas are stranded and hungry.

What a restaurant considered a small gesture made a big impact on Cedar Hill.

Devonna Coleman and Donna Artis left their posts at Cedar Hill Papa Johns and drove piles of pizza cakes to the town hotel.

“A lot of the people who called the store had no power and most of them were coming from the hotel,” Coleman said.

Like Santa’s elves in the Texas winter wonderland, they went door to door selling their wares and the cost, not a single penny.

“It makes us feel good doing something nice for people and making them smile, especially in this cold weather and the hard times people fall. People have told us their blankets are falling into their pipes and burst, “said Artis.

They found families who were spending their last few dollars on the hotel to have a warm place to sleep, others with children who couldn’t find anything to eat.

“I’m from Ohio. I should be leaving this morning, all flights have been canceled so I hope to get off tomorrow,” said Corey Flewelling. “I went to Walmart, the shelves are empty. It’s great to have something to eat, it’s nice.”

All you had to do was look into their faces to see how much it meant.

“Thank you, that’s so cute. I appreciate it,” said one hotel guest.

Many diners hesitated to eat the pizza, fearful others needed it more, so the ladies left the extra cakes at the front desk, one cake at a time, before returning for the winter weather to bring more smiles.

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