One of Dallas’ Best Home Tours is Coming to Your Living Room

W.Dallas has no shortage of great home tours in its various neighborhoods and small but well-preserved neighborhoods. Afternoons are always busy exploring the bungalow-lined Hollywood Heights, the quaint Lakewood estates, the historic estates along Swiss Avenue, and the quirky Charles Dilbeck-filled corner called Cochran Heights. An annual, design-driven event you can always count on is the AIA Dallas Tour of Homes.

On our only city-wide home tour, we focus on the best architects in Dallas, no matter what neighborhood their work is in. But like so many events in 2020, the AIA Dallas Tour of Homes is opting for digitization this year – but that could be a good thing for this special occasion.

One of the annual challenges of the AIA event is planning your personal home tour route. Is it best to start with this modern gem in Jan Mar and move south? Do you split your driving tour into two days or are you ambitiously trying to hit all the houses in one? It certainly isn’t the toughest decisions you will ever have to make, but decisions still have to be made.

This year, the work of six great Dallas architects is coming straight to you this weekend (October 24th and 25th). Select homes range from Bishop Arts to Preston Hollow and include a groundbreaking Spanish revival – which practically begs to be a Nancy Meyer movie set – as well as an impressive feat of contemporary design and conservation on a wooded lot on January Mar. This year’s theme Tour: “Make the most of your stay at home; hire an architect. “

Parks Estate // Norman Alston Architects (Photo by Menary Studio)

“This year’s homes are representative of the lifestyle of the owners and vary in size, style, age, location and construction,” said Ryan Thomason, Associate AIA, Project Designer at Smitharc Architects and 2020 AIA Dallas Tour of Homes chair said in a press release. “While this year’s tour takes on a different format, we are pleased to be able to offer guided tours, get in touch with the architects and offer an even closer and more personal experience.”

Livestreamed Architect Walkthroughs and other packages starting at $ 30 can be purchased here. The proceeds will go to the Dallas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Visit our slideshow for a quick look at AIA Approved Homes and visit here for more detailed descriptions of AIA Dallas.

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