North Texas Road Conditions Improve as Temperatures Rise – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Road conditions in North Texas improved tremendously on Friday as temperatures finally climbed above freezing in warm sunshine to melt the ice.

But some smooth spots remained.

Brown Boulevard in Arlington was still closed. A driver who passed the barricade at noon to try the road found out why. His vehicle slid down the street that the neighbors had used for sledding for the past week.

“Slick, slick, slick, super slick,” said neighbor Don Flowers.

He said the nearby back streets in North Arlington are still risky. He ventured into a local grocery store on Friday to provide for his family after days indoors so as not to drive on icy roads.

“It’s like these slumps in the street and snow has accumulated in these slumps. Once you get in, it’s a groove that you have to get out of,” Flowers said.

On a tour of North Texas on Friday morning after so many days of icy weather, icy road conditions were everywhere.

There was bumpy cobblestone ice in the back streets near the homes of Uptown Dallas.

Main highways in Counties Ellis, Dallas, and Tarrant were clear, but some ramps and access roads were still slick.

“We’re doing everything we can to clear the streets and treat the streets,” said Tony Hartzel, spokesman for the Texas Department of Transportation.

People looking for gasoline found some stations empty. Tank trucks were returning to places that were difficult to get to in the past few days or that had no electricity.

Isis Sneed, of Arlington, said she was looking for water and found it in the Arlington store Flowers went shopping.

“You have some water. The water is very expensive, but it’s all they had left, ”said Sneed.

She said her home had no water supply after frozen pipes cracked and caused a lot of damage. She was lucky to find a hotel room.

Sneed said she had been driving the slippery roads to her behavioral medicine job all week and offered virtual appointments.

She said there was a lot of patient demand right now.

“Oh yes, high anxiety, high depression, lots of worry and stress,” said Sneed.

As the day continued with the warmer weather, many of these slippery back streets became safer, but another lap of freezing temperatures was forecast on Friday night.

“You just have to expect that there will be some ice on the street in different places,” said Hartzel.

It was one last chance to sledge down Brown Boulevard before the last of the ice went.

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