‘Nobody Is Getting the Corona’ Said a Real Housewife of Dallas Before a Cast Member Got the Corona


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Stephanie Hollman greeted Brandi Redmond with a big hug at Redmond’s home during the New Year’s Eve season five premiere of The Real Housewives of Dallas.

“This is a corona-free zone,” says Hollman during a confessional. “We’re making a TV show. We’ve been tested about a million times. I mean honestly. Sometimes your masks are on, sometimes they’re off, so keep your tweets to yourself. We’re very safe. Nobody gets the corona.” “

Well, almost nobody.

Wearing the mask during the first episode is inconsistent at best. One of the first scenes shows Kameron Westcott’s dog trainer entering the Westcott’s house unmasked. Later in the episode, Westcott hosts a flea market and while everyone working around them is masked, Westcott is exposed. When the other housewives come to the flea market, some wear masks, some don’t and others face protection. Everyone hugs. The people who shop at the flea market wait some distance away with masks on.

According to an Instagram account by a RHOD fan, the flea market was June 26th. On June 24, the Texas Department of Health tweeted that Texas “new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are increasing significantly”.

However, the most shocking scene in terms of COVID-19 safety is the return of new housewife Tiffany Moon, Associate Professor of Anaesthesiology and Pain Management at UT Southwestern Medical Center, from work, welcoming fellow Hous’ife D’Andra Simmons and hers Mother Dee Simmons. with kisses.

“I worked all day,” says Moon to the Simmons. “I was in the operating room and then went home to take my decontamination shower because I just feel gross.” (Moon’s job has three parts: “Caring for, teaching, and researching patients in the operating room,” according to Voyage Dallas.)

“The Real Housewives of Dallas followed a comprehensive health and safety plan during production,” a Bravo representative told us via email. “The plan was developed in accordance with CDC guidelines, all state and local regulations, and NBCUniversal’s own safety guidelines. ”

Although the women were tested, the CDC states that it is still possible to have COVID-1 and a negative test result.

“You can test negative if the sample was taken early in your infection and test positive later during this illness,” the CDC website says. “You could also be exposed to COVID-19 after the test and then become infected. Even if you test negative, you should still take steps to protect yourself and others.”

“Sometimes your masks are on, sometimes they’re off, so keep your tweets to yourself. We’re very safe. Nobody gets the corona.” – Real Housewives actress Stephanie Hollman

According to D’Andra Simmons Instagram, this scene with her mother and Moon was filmed on July 8 or at some point around it. On July 7, the Texas Department of Health reported 10,000 new cases and asked people to stay home.

Unlike other reality shows that will be filmed and broadcast during the pandemic, The Real Housewives of Dallas is not in a bubble. The Bachelorette isolated its cast and crew and did not allow outsiders. The women at RHOD regularly come into contact with outsiders – the dog trainer, Moon’s patients, the customers at the flea market.

Later in the episode, Hollman throws a pool party at her house (which was shot on June 27, according to Instagram). None of the women are masked. The caterers and people who organize the party are masked. Housewife Kary Brittingham jokes tequila will kill the coronavirus. During lunch at the pool party, the women start telling each other about their quarantine experiences. New cast member Jennifer Davis tells women that her sister has COVID-19. And then Moon tells the women how serious the virus is.

“There is some real havoc in many people’s lives,” she says over lunch. “It was hard.”

During Moon’s confessional, she tells the camera that COVID-19 is no joke.

“If I met someone who says coronavirus is not real, it’s a joke, it’s a liberal agenda, it’s a conspiracy, I would just tell them, ‘Let’s not be friends now,'” she said . “I’m a doctor. I went to medical school. I’m a scientist. There is a novel coronavirus. It infects people, and some of those people are very sick and dying. Those are facts. How the sky is blue. Right?”

In late December, D’Andra Simmons was hospitalized with COVID-19. Neither UT Southwestern nor Moon responded to a request for comment.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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