Newest version of Dallas’ Knox St. Pub rises again in new neighborhood

A Dallas bar with a long history stretching back to the 1970s is ready for its next gig. Called KSP HendersonIt’s a new bar on Henderson Avenue with roots in the venerable Knox Street Pub.

Owner Ryan Ferguson worked for Knox Street Pub for many years before becoming the owner. It is located on Henderson Ave. Reopened in 1921 in the room that was last Taco Heads, but which housed Gin Mill, Lekka and Swig with a target date of March 1st.

Ferguson closed the Knox Street Pub in 2019 when its landlord decided to redevelop the property. That cleanup was put on hold during COVID, but Ferguson welcomed the break. However, he often heard from former clients asking if he was planning to reopen.

When a broker contacted him about reopening in Henderson around 1921, he decided to return.

“It seemed a shame to waste the history and goodwill that surround Knox Street Pub,” he says.

The Knox Street Pub originally opened on Knox Street in 1967 and developed its reputation as a “magnet for artists, writers, actors, musicians, politicians, hippies, students and everyday philosophers,” as this tribute notes. It was one of the few places where people of different classes and races mingled.

The bar moved to McKinney Avenue under new ownership in the ’90s, but kept the DNA that everyone is welcome, and that’s part of the reason people want to keep it alive.

“I used this space at Henderson with the goal of having the same fun and welcome feeling that the bar always had,” says Ferguson.

There are 20 taps, a dozen of which are beers and cool / trendy wine on tap. And they will still offer an extensive selection of bourbons.

“We’ll continue to make sure the food is good enough that it’s the reason you come over,” he says. “We don’t buy frozen things and throw them in the fryer. Everything is done in-house. There are many places to get a great drink, but a bar like this with good food is hard to come by. Our chicken wings are famous and we grind our own beef. We partner with Pat LaFrieda, an amazing supplier based in New Jersey and one of the top beef suppliers in the US. “

That said, this is not Knox Street Pub. For starters: nicer bathrooms.

“The building on McKinney was dilapidated and the new location is growing a bit,” he says.

“There are certain things that I’m passionate about doing right, and that includes making sure the rest rooms are well done,” he says. “To me it’s a symbol. If you don’t care about the outside, what happens behind closed doors? When we got here, the rest rooms each had a chest of drawers, and the first thing we did was fix it. We did.” expanded it and now our women’s bathroom looks like it belongs in a 5-diamond hotel. “

The name reflects the change.

“Many guests called it KSP for short, and I was happy to keep that,” he says. “Henderson Avenue was a great neighborhood. I always knew the Knox side, but here I already know some of the operators and owners of places like High Five, and it seems that everyone has a common goal, to get more people to town bring the area in a safe and fun environment. “

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