New restaurant Son of a Butcher is open in historic building on Dallas’ Lowest Greenville

After extensive remodeling of the historic Melios Bros Char Bar on Greenville Avenue in Dallas, a new restaurant called Son of a Butcher opened in its place.

Son of a Butcher serves sliders, milkshakes, waffle fries and cheese curds in an elegant dining room with an inviting terrace with a green lawn in front of the door.

In its previous life, the family-run Char Bar restaurant was a neighborhood icon for almost 50 years. The Char Bar was known for its cheap dinners and its delightfully outdated aesthetic. The new operators of the building kept Char Bar’s iconic exterior with three peaks, but gutted the interior. It took it.

Left to right, the PB&J slider, Buffalo Chicken slider, and Popper slider at Son of a Butcher on Greenville Avenue in Dallas(Lynda M. González / employee photographer)

Son of a Butcher began as a takeaway in the Legacy Hall in Plano. It essentially served as a test kitchen, which enabled CEO Jack Gibbons and his team to test “narrow and deep” concepts on the customers of the food hall. Son of a Butcher – call it SoB if you like – has grown into a restaurant that could stand on its own.

It comes from the FB Society, formerly Front Burner Restaurants, LLC. Guests will recognize this team’s other Dallas-Fort Worth restaurants: Whiskey Cake, Sixty Vines, Ida Claire, Mexican Sugar, The Ranch, and Haywire. Gibbons and his team used to run Velvet Taco and Twin Peaks.

The Son of a Butcher menu is compact and the prices reasonable. One slider is $ 3.95, two are $ 7.75.

The 13 sliders include Nashville Hot Chicken with Allspice Cheese, Meatballs with Marinara and Provolone, Seared Ends with Smoked Brisket and Gouda, and a PB&J with Bacon. All sliders are served on potato rolls. The Wagyu beef comes from A Bar N in Celina, which has become popular with local chefs – and one that has just signed up to sell meat in Texas’ first Eataly at the NorthPark Center in Dallas.

Son of a Butcher is one of the few restaurants in Dallas that sells choked, fried curd cheese.Son of a Butcher is one of the few restaurants in Dallas that sells choked, fried curd cheese.(Lynda M. González / employee photographer)

For side dishes, SoB sells waffle fries with homemade sauces like nacho cheese, buffalo sauce and ranch. But curd cheese should be your cheat choice: they’re smothered in hot Nashville sauce and bred with the optional pinch of lemon.

The restaurant will sell wine, beer, and hard seltzer, but the drinks they expect to be more popular are the milkshakes. Pistachio mint tastes a bit like Thin Mint Girl Scout biscuits, and Blueberry Cobbler has a decadent crispy cinnamon crumb on top.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, the fast-casual restaurant should simply get in and out. There is also a pass-through only available for food and drink pickups that have been pre-ordered online or through a third-party provider such as UberEats or DoorDash. The team first used this type of pass-through at Velvet Taco when third-party delivery became popular a few years ago.

It is worth saying again: You cannot drive into the passage and order. Pre-orders only.

For those who want to go to the restaurant, take a look at the toilets. The walls are covered with steak-patterned wallpaper.

“I think this will make most vegetarians blush,” says Gibbons.

The opening of a butcher’s son in Lowest Greenville, Dallas marks the early stages of a prospective expansion in Texas.

“The strategy is to open in the coolest places in Dallas,” says Gibbons.

The son of a butcher is at 2026 Greenville Ave., Dallas. The original in the Legacy Food Hall in Plano is still there. Son of a Butcher opened in Dallas on December 14, 2020. At first only dinner from 4pm to 9pm. All food can be ordered for delivery or to take away.

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