New ghost kitchen in Dallas bobs up at Park Cities restaurant José

A Park Cities restaurant conjured up a ghost kitchen with a chicken theme. Called Advantage chickensIt’s a new concept in Jose and Chef Anastasia “AQ” Quinones’ José Restaurant, which specializes in the cuisine of the moment: chicken.

Pollos = chicken. Provecho means benefit. It is often used in Mexico in the phrase “buen comparecho”, which is similar to “bon appetit”.

According to a press release, Chef AQ and her culinary team wanted to offer something cozy that everyone would enjoy at the dining table.

The menu is short and consists of:

  • Choice of half or whole chicken pickled, marinated and then roasted on the third day

  • traditional Mexican soup with potatoes, cabbage, carrots, corn and Mexican pumpkin

  • Pork belly charro beans

  • Homemade salsas

  • mexican rice

  • Either pickled red onions with habaneros or grilled onions.

They also make two desserts, also very cozy: churros or arroz con leche, also known as Mexican rice pudding.

The drinks from bar manager Carlos Marquez and his team include Aguas Frescas in hibiscus, horchata, cucumber lemonade or tamarind. Hibiscus margarita; and a mango margarita with chamoy.

Staff realized they could juggle two kitchens after COVID-19 was shut down in March 2020. José worked with Feed the Front Lines to provide meals to the frontline workers in the DFW area. In the past 10 months, they have provided more than 22,000 meals to Feed the Front Lines for hospitals, emergency shelters and pantries.

“Our kitchen staff came in at 4:30 am for months to prepare breakfast and lunch sets, and then a second shift of staff would come in to prepare kits for dinner while we also operated our kitchen for our regulars for table service. “says spokeswoman Hannah Wood Rice. “With this transition in preparing multiple meals in the kitchen, we realized that we could have two separate kitchens under one roof.”

As their partnership with Feed the Front Lines is slowly slowing down, they wanted to bring something to market that would keep their day laborers busy.

“By adding Provecho Pollos, we can now offer our day workers the same shift instead of letting them find other work that may ultimately be unavailable,” says Rice. “Our employees are our priority and it is very important to us that we can keep our José family and at the same time ensure stability.”

Go to or call 214-891-5673 to order pickup or delivery.

The Ghost Kitchen at José is located in 4931 W. Lovers Ln and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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