New EarBurner: Dallas Morning News’ Mark Lamster Hates the Mavs Uniforms, Too

Mark Lamster has been the architecture critic for the Dallas Morning News for six years. During this time, he challenged architects and local residents alike, forcing readers to better understand how buildings affect the way we move around the city. Among other things, he has written a book about the architect Philip Johnson, the controversial figure behind the Crescent development, Thanks-Giving Square and Fort Worth’s Water Gardens.

But that’s not why we invited Lamster to come to EarBurner. No, he had an argument with Mark Cuban over the Mavericks’ obviously hideous city kits on Twitter. And as Lamster put it: “Good design is good business.” So we had him pick up a microphone. View notes after the jump.

1. Why You May Be Nervous About Kristaps Porzingis: 1-11 Shoot. Benched. He looks a bit lost on the floor, especially when Maxi Kleber and Dwight Powell Pick and Rolls are running. But he missed a whole year. He should be fine if he had some time behind him.

2. As expected, Porzingis was booed pretty violently when he returned to the garden.

3. These jerseys are bad too.

4th The previous city kits – the Skyline versions – were just boring.

5. Here was the little thing Lamster had with Cubans. Click through:

Come on @mcuban. We went through this. It’s time for a new identity, not a crowdsourced jive. Why are you so sloppy with your brand ???

– Mark Lamster (@marklamster) November 13, 2019

6. And if the jerseys weren’t bad enough, apparently there is a court that goes along with it. Yuck. Here’s a city jersey that the Mavs can strive for.

7th Lamster recently had a car accident outside of Austin. He broke his collarbone and several ribs. He’s fine now, even with medication.

t-boned from a pickup truck with 50th broken collarbone, ribs….

– Mark Lamster (@marklamster) November 14, 2019

8th. Last year Lamster published a book on the architect Philip Johnson, as I mentioned above. Here is Peter Simek’s feature on this book, and here is a link to buy it from Interabang because Amazon is evil.

9. Here is an archived version of David Dillon’s “Why Is Dallas Architecture So Bad?” It ran in D Magazine in 1980 and kicked off the late Dillon’s career on location.

10. Listen to our final EarBurner with Evy Mayo who wants to prevent another Shingle Mountain from happening in Dallas.

11. As for those deck parks, here’s a bit about the city and state’s hopes for the canyon portion of I-30 that – you guessed it – includes deck parks.

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