Man who appeared to defend Dallas store brutally beaten by rioters

Former NYPD commissioner Howard Safir argues that the police need to deal with protests and not abandon their cities for fear of political correctness.

A man with a machete in Dallas was brutally beaten by rioters on Saturday night after police said he had allegedly tried to “protect his neighborhood from protesters”.

“The victim took a machete to the 2200 block on N. Lamar Street (House of Blues) allegedly to protect his neighborhood from protesters,” Dallas Police spokesman Carlos Almeida told FOX Business. “The victim hit protesters with the machete and was subsequently attacked by the protesters. He was taken to an area hospital where he is in stable condition. This is an ongoing investigation.”


The footage captured by Blaze TV’s Elijah Schaffer shows the man rushing towards some rioters with a machete. In a matter of seconds, protesters were getting down on the man, hurling stones at him, kicking him in the head and slapping him in the face with skateboards and fists.

Schaffer said he “saw him defend a shop” but couldn’t confirm that he was the owner of the shop.

Witnesses, including the cameraman, rush to help the man and one hears a “Turn him around” while another warns, “Don’t touch him.”

Police found the man slumped in the street in the city’s Victory Park, and blood oozed from cuts on his head. The victim was badly injured by the rioters’ stamping and kicking but was able to sit up and put his hand to his head before being taken away in an ambulance.

Protesters demonstrate outside Dallas City Hall in downtown Dallas on Saturday, May 30, 2020. Protests across the country have spread over the death of George Floyd, who died after being arrested by Minneapolis police officers on Memorial Day. (AP Photo / LM Otero)

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News comes that there is riot in at least 11 states across the country over the death of George Floyd, an African American who died in police custody in Minnesota on Monday.

A vehicle burns near New York’s Union Square on Saturday, May 30, 2020 during a demonstration against the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25. (AP Photo / Craig Ruttle)

On Friday, authorities arrested Derek Chauvin, the white Minneapolis policeman who was holding Floyd to the ground by placing his knee on Floyd’s neck. The 44-year-old chauvin was charged with third degree murder and second degree manslaughter.


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