Letters to the Editor – Three cheers for neighborhood heroes, Dallas Water Utilities staffer, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins

1 Neighborhood Heroes – We were without power from 2 a.m. on February 15 through 1 p.m. on February 17. Two of our neighbors have been looking for us. Ande and Brock brought us soup and coffee on both days. Sean and Julie brought us food and helped us start our little generator. Wednesday night our Meals on Wheels customer, an elderly woman who lives alone and is in a wheelchair, called crying and said she had water in her house. Sean had a car that would drive in the snow and he took us to her home.

Two younger people next door came over to help. Heath Mayor Frank New, who had phoned to check on us, showed up to help even when he wasn’t in Heath. Her ceiling had fallen from a broken water pipe. We all turned off the water and drove her to a thermal center in Rockwall that the director of Meals on Wheels told us about.

At home we called Jeff and Ann to tell them about her because she is a member of their church. They live by fate and drove over and picked her up and kept her at their home for two days until her family from out of town could pick her up. This is what people do to help others.

Lynnda Bass-Allen, Heide

2 Justin Longoria of Dallas Water Utilities – Over the past week so many Texans have gone out of their way to help neighbors and those in need. There are too many heroes to say thank you for their efforts, but that shouldn’t prevent us from recognizing those we know.

One person I’d like to acknowledge is Justin Longoria of Dallas Water Utilities. While driving his truck around our neighborhood, Justin was good enough to fix a leak on the spot – an unscheduled fix he added to an already long list of critical repairs across East Dallas.

He graciously gave us time and his initiative may have saved our road from further water leakage or burst pipes as the frost thawed. Many thanks!

Blake Barfield, Dallas / Lakewood

3 Judge Clay Jenkins of Dallas County – Thank you, Judge Clay Jenkins, for your relentless dedication to being honest with the people of Dallas. While our Senators and Governors waste time pointing fingers and fingering the blame, you have remained a constant source of helpful information and support to the Dallas community during the freezing weather week.

Coupled with your honest and level-headed approach to COVID-19, I sincerely hope that you are considering running for higher office in Texas. Everyone in Texas can benefit from your position in authority.

Kathryn Kuhlman, Far North Dallas

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