Letters to the Editor – Dallas weather crew, Republicans, the former president’s acquittal, the media

Thank you for protecting us

I had to go out on a Sunday morning around 2am in freezing rain and sleet. I saw several trucks from the city of Dallas and other authorities handling the streets. Many thanks to the people who are out late in terrible conditions and who work for our driving safety!

Stephen McKeown, northwest Dallas

The Texas Senators have lost my support

My thanks go to the seven Republican senators who had the courage to put this nation above party affiliation. I will write to each one and thank them for their courage.

I have been closely monitoring the process and understand Senator Mitch McConnell’s position that the former president is no longer in office. McConnell’s comments make me wonder if there are possible criminal charges against the former president.

To say that I am disappointed with the two Texas Senators would be a gross understatement. Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz placed a party over the country and bowed to the potential power of the dictator, our former president.

None of the Texas Senators need to contact me to receive financial contributions if they request re-election as I will be sending my contributions elsewhere. You won’t get my vote.

James M. Schieck, Plano

That doesn’t mean he’s innocent

Just because former President Trump was acquitted on his second impeachment trial doesn’t mean he wasn’t guilty of a riot. What it means is that only a handful of Republican senators have shown the courage to stand up to the most basic elements of American society, and also have the respect for the constitution and rule of law enjoyed by their cowardly fellow senators, including John Cornyn and Ted from Texas , Cruz had all claim to appreciate. In leaving the most shameful president of this country unpunished, the nefarious hypocrites who voted for the acquittal have almost certainly encouraged the gullible, easily led mobs who pose a far greater threat to our democracy than any outside force. This is a sad day for America.

Steven R. Butler, Richardson

If only McConnell had courage

Subject: “Condemn Trump – Senators, Look Beyond Primaries to Legacies,” Saturday editorial.

Congratulations to the Dallas Morning News for the courage to endorse the legitimate impeachment of Donald Trump. If only Senator Mitch Mc Connell had the same courage. Shortly after the January 6 attack on the Capitol, McConnell made a timely statement. His memory must be short. Or is it too political for him to continue his previous position?

He’s just shown that he’s Republican first, then American, as are too many of his colleagues. I’m American first, and that’s why I left the Republican Party. A national shame!

W. Paul Radman, North Dallas

Take into account the candidate’s track record

Bravo over a well-written and compelling editorial on the need for the Senate to impeach former President Donald Trump. I must point out, however, that you approved Senator John Cornyn’s offer for re-election in November and that he made it clear that he would vote against a conviction. Similarly, in November you recommended several Republican candidates to the House (including extremists like Beth Van Duyne), all of whom later voted against impeachment when she was in the House.

So when 2022 and 2024 come, those votes for ditching Trump to fuel the insurrection will make a difference who you recommend? Or will it turn out that the editorials are just pretty words with no real meaning?

Tom Desmond, Plano

They are just the DNC press office

The Dallas Morning News may have hit a new low on this editorial supporting former President Trump’s conviction for inciting insurgency. Are you really a journalist or just the National Democratic Committee press office in Dallas?

Your prejudices are becoming more and more evident. You have barely addressed the Hunter and Joe Biden conflict of interest case with China. There was minimal coverage of eight months’ worth of riots that rocked the country. I have never seen a relationship between Democratic MP Eric Swalwell (House Intelligence Committee member) and an alleged Chinese spy.

There was also little investigation into election fraud. The media kept repeating the same old mantra, “No cheating, nothing, go ahead …” without specifically addressing the actual charges. Perhaps something like more votes than registered voters should have been checked in certain areas?

I canceled my newspaper subscription when you recommended Hillary Clinton as president. I’m not sure how much longer I can contribute to the DNC press office. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Bill Underhill, Dallas / Lake Highlands

The constitution comes first

Thank you for this editorial recommendation. I want to continue to be a subscriber. There is nothing more important to me than upholding the democratic principles of the constitution.

Lajoie pain, Plano

The editorial team offered unfounded advice

Donald Trump urged his followers to protest peacefully, a fact that is practically absent from all left media reports. There is no sound of his calling for some level of violence.

The Dallas Morning News’ continued belittling of an extremely effective president is terribly disappointing. Trump was rightly acquitted. Our two senators clearly disregarded the unfounded advice in this editorial.

Tom Wilson, grapevine

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