Large Duncanville Fire Displaces Residents During Cold Weather – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Firefighters fought a large fire in Duncanville that could be seen from the Texas Sky Ranger.

The fire engulfed five townhouses at 1408 Crosspointe in Duncanville near Clark and Wheatland Road.

The Duncanville Fire Department, as well as the Grand Prairie, Lancaster, and Midlothian Fire Departments worked to contain the fire as it continued to spread to other homes.

The cold and the ground conditions caused some problems for the firefighters when a fire truck skidded on ice trying to get to the scene.

Witnesses said that electricity was still present in the townhouses when the fire started. They said the work teams were in the town house where the fire started. The neighbors heard cries for help shortly after something started the fire.

Officials are still investigating, but no injuries have been reported.

Firefighters fought a large fire in Duncanville that engulfed several homes.

Several residents were displaced by the fire. One family said they had no space and that all rooms in nearby hotels were booked.

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