Hooters debuts its new chicken wings-only concept in Dallas-Fort Worth

Dallas is getting more wings over Hoots Wings, a new fast-casual concept from the Hooters chain that specializes in breastless chicken wings. Has anyone made that joke yet? Because it will be quick and easy and there will be no half-disguised servers.

AE Restaurant Group, a Dallas-based franchise group planning to open its first locations in north Fort Worth and the “suburb of Dallas,” is bringing Hoots to Dallas and Austin despite not signing a lease yet.

Cary Albert will take care of real estate, development and expansion. Jackie Albert will be responsible for operations, marketing, training and recruitment. The couple currently owns 30 Schlotzsky locations.

Hoots was launched in 2016 by Hooters’ parent company, HOA Brands, with the idea of ​​creating a fast-casual version of yourself with a menu of the best-selling and popular items. Hooters has been making wings since 1983.

Hoots’ menu includes five wing options – breaded wings with bone, bare bones, boneless wings, smoked and roasted wings – as well as sauces and graters, buffalo prawns, chicken sandwiches, and waffle fries.

There are currently seven Hoots Wings locations in Illinois, Georgia, and Florida.

In 2020, the chain announced that it was looking for franchisees. According to a press release, the AE Restaurant Group has signed up and plans to open at least six locations in 2021.

The stores use a small amount of ingredients and the kitchens use two cooking utensils. Hoots Wings also works with third-party delivery platforms such as Uber Eats and Grubhub. Units have a designated take-away order area to reduce friction.

In a statement, the founders of AE Restaurant Group say they are excited because they are on the ground floor of an emerging concept in the fast lane for growth while enjoying all of the perks of a national brand.

“The more we got into Hoots Wings food and finances, the more attractive it was,” says Jackie Albert. That sounds delicious.

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