Graduate Student in Dallas, TX — Money Diary

Occupation: PhD student
Industry: Biomedical Sciences
Age: 22nd
Place: Dallas, TX
Salary: $ 35,000
Net worth: $ 138,500, according to the Mint. I personally have no net worth, but I have a decent amount in my checks and savings and then two investment accounts, one of which I am not adding any more, and a Roth IRA that I am now making maximum contributions to.
Fault: $ 0
Paycheck amount (1x / month): $ 2,621 (scholarship after tax)
Pronoun: You / she

Monthly expenses
Rental fee: $ 1,850 (My parents bought a two-bedroom apartment when I started school, so I’m paying them “rent” on the HOA mortgage, which includes water and electricity.)
Loans: $ 0
Internet: $ 60
Medication: $ 7
Amazon Prime Student: $ 59 (annually)
Savings: $ 200 (Sometimes I move more, but always at least $ 200)
Phone: $ 0 (still with my parents)
Insurance: $ 0 (mom takes care of our health insurance and I’m still on auto insurance)
Streaming: $ 0 (Netflix from my parents, Disney + from my friend’s parents)

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