Gourmet vegan restaurant with L.A. connection opens in downtown Dallas

A big vegan restaurant with LA roots is coming to Dallas. Called Belse Plant CuisineIt’s located downtown on Pacific Ave. No. 1400 from 1910, next to the Majestic Theater, with an opening for the first week of February.

Belse comes from the owners of Little Pine, the highly acclaimed Los Angeles restaurant founded in 2015 by musician and dance music pioneer Moby, a vegan who wanted to open a restaurant with an all-plant menu.

Little Pine has been featured on numerous top lists, including Vegnews Magazine’s “Restaurant of the Year” award. It was also a charitable endeavor to donate its profits to animal welfare organizations.

Moby left the restaurant in 2020, but Belse continues the mission of serving a menu of excellent plant-based cuisine, says spokesman John Hodges.

“Vegan” and “vegetable” are terms that indicate that no animal products are used, ie no meat, no eggs or dairy products.

“Our goal is to show that this food can compete with the best,” says Hodges.

Starters are:

  • Creamy cheddar Queso and guacamole with chips

  • An amusing “Ketchup flight“of homemade flavored ketchups, served with spiced fries

  • Whipped cauliflower Floret with charred pineapple aioli
  • ON “Mocki” role with sushi with watermelon instead of fish

  • Seasoned the Brussels sprouts with roasted cashew nuts and Calabrian chili aioli

Appetizers include:

  • Watermelon “Ahi” pile with fried watermelon, avocado and rice with a sesame crust

  • Belse Burger with a quarter-pound Impossible patty, baby gem salad, sliced ​​American, beet and onion jam, Calabrian chilli aioli, and french fries

  • Mac & cheese with creamy cheddar sauce and Italian sausage
  • flatbread with fennel and Italian sausage
  • pupusas with black beans and mozzarella, with crispy onion strings
  • “”The melt, “a toasted (instead of grilled) cheese sandwich with tomato and basil sponge cake

Prices range from $ 8 to $ 16. The most expensive item is the $ 18 students.

The menu was inspired by Little Pine, but it’s still a thing of its own, says Hodges.

“Little Pine has a good reputation in Los Angeles and we didn’t want to step on that,” he says. “This also allows us to try new things, which allows for some creativity while maintaining some kind of collaboration between the two companies.”

Belse will be part of Dallas’s thriving vegan scene, hosted by nationally recognized initiatives including the pioneering vegan restaurant chain Spiral Diner; the annual Texas Veggie Fair; University of North Texas Mean Greens, the first vegan cafeteria to open at a university in the United States; and El Palote Panaderia, the first restaurant in the US to offer a Mexican version of vegan food.

Belse goes to what used to be a lunch spot called Pacific Deck, but it will be open for dinner with a selection of vegan-friendly wines and beers and will also host a weekend brunch.

They hope to be a vegan destination, of course, but also foodies looking to try something new, and they felt that downtown is the perfect place for this type of adventure right now.

“It’s most exciting to be in downtown Dallas and offering something new and fresh when people venture out into the world after the pandemic,” says Hodges. “We hope to do this in a way that makes plant-based cooking accessible and calming and creative, in a way that people in the field may not have seen.”

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