FC Dallas Homegrown Tanner Tessmann Organizes GoFundMe for Texas Winter Storm Relief

FRISCO, Texas – FC Dallas midfielder Tanner Tessmann has gone to great lengths this week to help the North Texas community affected by recent winter storms that left many people with no electricity or running water.

Tessmann and his teammates have set up a GoFundMe page to support ongoing relief efforts across the country.

My teammates and I can see how everyone in Texas was hit by the winter storms. We want to do our part and support our community.

Please consider donating if you can. Every amount helps: https://t.co/vFiwrnb9V0 Stay warmπŸ™Œ

– Gerber Tessmann (@ frantanjam5) February 18, 2021

“People suffer from everything we can do to help – whether it’s food or something else – it helps the community and that’s how we want to use our platform,” said Tessmann. β€œI think about what I have. My apartment complex has kept the electricity running and I have hot water. I know people who may not have electricity every hour or no electricity at all and no hot water or anything. It’s really hard to see. “

Like many in Texas, some Dallas FC players have learned to deal with freezing temperatures when there is little or no electricity in their homes. goalkeeper Jimmy Mason and his family have been without electricity for the past few days and “camped” around their fireplace to keep themselves warm all night.

The power was turned back on for about an hour and the thermostat showed 32 in the house last night. We huddled in our locked living room with the all six of us and our two dogs and stayed warm while a fire went on all night. Kids thought it was like “camping” in pic.twitter.com/dw6ujMJQIY

– Jimmy (@JimsMaurer) February 16, 2021

“It’s hard to see that one of your brothers has to go through something like this,” said Tessmann. “Jimmy got on really well with this and knows that in the worst case scenario he doesn’t have it because he has a fireplace. It’s difficult to see people I know have no electricity and hot water and.. Having trouble finding something to eat. Difficult to see your teammate is going through this and actually can’t do anything because we can’t go there. “

FC Dallas President Dan Hunt | He also made a $ 5,000 donation to Tessmann’s fundraiser in support of his player and the entire North Texas community.

What DFW is experiencing is devastating.

I’m proud of our @FCDallas players who organized this GoFundMe to help those affected.

I am happy to help and challenge you to beat me as our players and the FC Dallas Foundation work to help those in need. https://t.co/ijekLYobkY

– Dan Hunt (@DanHuntFCD) February 18, 2021

“It’s great and exactly what we need,” said Tessmann of Hunt’s donation. “We need people from above to support us and our community. So it’s amazing to see an owner who is so committed to the team and the community. We always say that Dallas FC is a family and that starts at the top. “

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