Employees, Guest Families at Ronald McDonald House Dallas Team Up to Clean Flood – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Families who live in a Ronald McDonald House have a lot on their plate.

Add in cold temperatures, remove water and electricity, and you have an extremely stressful living situation for families who are already carrying the weight of a child in the hospital

Prolonged freezing temperatures and the chaos that went with it didn’t spare Ronald McDonald House Dallas, and when indoor sprinkler pipes burst and soaked the lobby, employees and host families jumped into action.

After rushing to turn off the water, several host families and employees worked with pugs, brooms, and towels to sweep the water out of the building’s lobby.

Footage of the cleanup shared by RMHD shows the “best of humanity – families coming together to help with challenges that arise,” a spokesman said.

The spokesman said affected host families had moved to warm and dry living quarters.

The Ronald McDonald House supports families of children in the hospital, providing them with a place to stay or rest so that they can reduce travel time and stress while their child is being treated in the hospital.

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