Effects of historic winter storm top week’s 5 most-read Dallas stories

Publisher’s Note: The historic winter storm that devastated Texas made headlines in Dallas this week as residents sought warmth and water. Read on for the week’s most popular stories.

1. Warmth Centers are opened to relieve the brutal cold in Dallas-Fort Worth. When the residents of Dallas-Fort Worth struggled with power outages and brutally cold temperatures, many city buildings, churches, and nonprofits opened their doors to provide thermal protection. Here is a list of places where people have been able to warm up, rest, and charge electronic devices – some of which are still operational this weekend.

2. Another city in Dallas-Fort Worth gives residents a hint about boiling water. Residents across the region were encouraged to conserve water, but every day more and more cities were receiving advice on boiling water due to problems in water treatment plants related to the winter storm. North and west Fort Worth, then Arlington, and dozens of other communities began boiling water all week. There are still many.

3. Senator Ted Cruz rushes back to Texas after going broke while fleeing to Cancun. In the midst of a historically dire winter weather event that left millions of people across Texas without power, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was caught trying to take a tropical getaway to Cancun. Cruz and his family were photographed by fellow passengers at Houston George Bush Airport on February 17, and the fallout made headlines across the country.

4. The tiny suburb of Dallas is becoming one of the top work-from-home cities in the United States. The tiny suburb of St. Paul in Dallas makes a big impression in a national magazine: It’s one of the top cities in the US when it comes to working from home. PC Magazine based its 50-city list on numerous factors such as affordable housing, remote work-friendly lifestyle and super-fast and affordable internet service. St. Paul, about 30 miles northeast of Dallas, appears in 15th place on the rankings.

5. Large numbers of people are moving to Texas from these two states. If it feels like more and more people are moving to Texas, it’s because they are. According to the Texas Relocation Report 2021 published by Texas Realtors, more than 500,000 people moved to Texas in 2019 – 537,000-582,000 new residents to be precise. This is where they come from.

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