Dallas’ Vanilla Ice is getting a new biopic, and it’s going to be arty and funny

Insider reports that a feature film about the rapper Vanilla Ice from the 90s is in the works. Actor Dave Franco – perhaps better known as James Franco’s brother or Alison Brie’s husband – will appear as the musician from North Texas who topped the charts in 1990 with the single “Ice Ice Baby”. The preliminary title of the film, To the Extreme, is taken from Vanilla Ice’s most famous album, which sold 11 million copies.

With the film currently in development, Franco hopes it will turn out to be like one of his previous films, The Disaster Artist 2017. Filmed with his brother, it was a film about a film: The Room, the infamous Tommy Wiseau title, often derided as “the worst film ever made”.

“With this movie, people expected us to do a big comedy where we’d make fun of Tommy Wiseau, but the more real we played him, the funnier and more heartfelt he was – that’s the tone we used for this movie too want, “said Franco.

For fans of unwanted comedy, it should be noted that Vanilla Ice herself played in the 1991 film Cool As Ice.

South Dallas-born Robert Van Winkle attended Carrollton High School and sold cars before rapping under the name Vanilla Ice. After opening up to acts like NWA, Public Enemy and The DOC in the 80s, the young rapper made his move with “Ice Ice Baby” which made him a star. Taken in Deep Ellum, the video for the frames of the Dallas skyline.

This is the second time Vanilla Ice has made national headlines this summer. Weeks ago, when coronavirus cases surfaced across Texas, he was widely criticized for scheduling a live concert in Austin on July 4th. The show was canceled with only 284 tickets sold.

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