Dallas’ Third Eye Pie Pops Up With Vegan Pizza and Support for Good Causes


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Third Eye Pie, a new pop-up pizza place in Dallas, wants to expand your mind when it comes to vegan pizza options. They also hope to do a little good in the process.

No store-bought cheese substitutes or soy-heavy meat imitations will appear on these cakes. From cashew mozzarella to vegan hot peppers, everything is homemade. In addition, 20% of every purchase is donated to a local charity or mutual aid fund.

Correctly. A vegan pizza place that donates to charity in Dallas. In 2021 anything seems to be possible.

The idea for Third Eye Pie came about when Zuri Bradley and Jordan Sweet, veterans of the steadfast vegan Spiral Diner spot where they currently work full time, needed a way to distract themselves from the desperation of the pandemic. “We were pretty bad. … So I thought you know what? Start a project when you feel sad or need to distract yourself from things, ”says Bradley.

In their spare time, with the help of friends and family, they began experimenting with pizza recipes to satisfy their cravings.

“I love pizza. Jordan loves pizza. And there really isn’t a lot of good vegan pizza in Dallas,” says Bradley.

While some spots offer vegan-friendly cakes, none in Dallas specializes in them like Third Eye. Additionally, most rely on branded cheese replacements, while Third Eye makes everything in-house.

Bradley and Sweet were informally testing their recipes until they launched their first popup last September. Since then, they have tossed vegan cakes from various locations in Denton and Dallas at least once a month.

Although menu options are limited and only show two types of pizza per popup, the quality is impeccable.

We got to try a margherita cake with vegan pepperoni and a BBQ style pizza with jackfruit and pineapple. Both contained an excellent cashew-based mozzarella cheese substitute and were paired with a vegan ranch dip sauce. The taste profiles and textures could tempt a fast food junkie to eat plants.

Previous menus included a popular white pizza with garlic sweat, spinach, mushrooms, and cashew mozzarella, as well as an Indian-inspired pizza with cauliflower, bell peppers, onions, and cashew mozzarella on a tomato and coconut curry sauce.

With each pop-up, Bradley and Sweet have steadily improved their recipes and grown their customer base while balancing the project with their full-time jobs. In their GoFundMe they cite the support of various friends and co-workers as essential to get the project off the ground

“We don’t want to get burned. At the same time, it takes a lot of work to build a business, ”says Bradley.

The most recent example of their community-centric approach is the addition of notifications. Originally just picked up, Third Eye Pie is now delivering within 10 miles of their pop-up locations with the support of local activist group LatinX Dallas and aid group Feed The People Dallas.

“We work together to make vegan food and help people,” says Bradley.

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