Dallas reports 34 coronavirus deaths, 908 new cases; Texas working with FEMA to create vaccine ‘super sites’

Updated at 2:53 p.m .: Revised to include nationwide data.

Dallas County reported 908 new coronavirus cases as well as 34 more deaths from COVID-19 on Monday.

Twelve of the people who died were women and 22 were men. Most of them were between 50 and 90 years old, but one of the victims was at least 100 years old.

Thirteen of the victims were Dallas residents, five were from Grand Prairie, four were from Cedar Hill, four were from Garland, three were from Richardson, two were from Carrollton, two were from DeSoto, and one was from Lancaster.

Three victims were residents of long-term care facilities and all but two victims had health problems, the county reported.

District Judge Clay Jenkins said in a written statement that Monday’s census was the first time the district had reported fewer than 1,000 new cases since December 4.

“Now is a time to renew our resolve and bring the numbers down even further. We can do this by wearing masks, avoiding crowds, and avoiding gatherings,” he said.

Of the new cases, 698 were confirmed and 210 were likely. The numbers bring the county’s total cases to 268,262, including 235,738 confirmed and 32,524 likely. The death toll is 2,452.

Health officials are using hospital stays, intensive care units and emergency rooms as key metrics to track the effects of COVID-19 in the county in real time. Due to a delay in weekend reporting, this data will be available next Tuesday.

According to the state, 199,639 people in Dallas County have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine while 59,706 are fully vaccinated.


Governor Greg Abbott said Monday the state is working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to create vaccination sites, likely in Dallas and Houston.

Abbott said the sites – one in each city – would receive 5,000 to 6,000 additional vaccines per day, seven days a week for eight weeks.

The Texas news comes a week after California partnered with FEMA to open two mass vaccination centers under pressure from President Joe Biden to create 100 such sites nationwide in 100 days.

FEMA has announced its collaboration with states to open vaccination centers with federal staff that could serve as pilot efforts before rolling out nationwide.

After the NFL offered their stadiums nationwide as vaccination sites, Biden said his government was interested in pursuing the idea. That means Arlington’s AT&T Stadium and Houston NRG Stadium could become major vaccination efforts.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said Jan. 28 that he was calling on the federal government to provide a FEMA website that could vaccinate 12,000 people a day.

The governor’s office did not provide any further details on what Texas might have in working with FEMA, and it is unclear how many doses of vaccine are available to rapidly expand vaccination efforts.

Texas is working with FEMA to create some great vaccination sites.

Initially it would probably be 2 sites with 5000-6000 additional vaccinations per day, 7 days a week for 8 weeks.

It would likely start in Houston and Dallas – with possible expansion to other locations.

– Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) February 8, 2021

Across the state, 8,040 more cases were reported on Monday, including 7,829 new and 211 older cases recently reported by laboratories.

The state also reported 57 COVID-19 deaths, increasing its number to 38,700.

Of the new cases, 6,613 were confirmed and 1,216 were likely. Of the older cases, 208 were confirmed and three were likely.

The state’s total of cases is now 2,491,227, including 2,166,919 confirmed and 324,308 probable cases.

There are 9,401 COVID-19 patients in Texas hospitals, including 2,497 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. As of Sunday, 16.9% of patients in the hospital area that covered the Dallas-Fort Worth area were COVID-19 patients – above the 15% threshold the state used to define high hospital stays.

The nationwide average seven-day positivity rate for molecular tests, based on the date the specimen was collected, was 11.3% on Sunday. For antigen tests, the positivity rate was 3.8% for the same period. A molecular test, sometimes called a PCR test, is considered to be more accurate. An antigen test is also known as a rapid test. Governor Greg Abbott said a positivity rate of over 10% was a cause for concern.

According to the state, 2,472,063 people in Texas have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine while 805,828 are fully vaccinated.

Tarrant County

Tarrant County reported 1,059 coronavirus cases and 15 deaths on Monday.

Five of the victims were Fort Worth residents: three men in their sixties and two women in their seventies. Three were Arlington men: two in their 60s and one over 90. The other victims were a Bedford woman in their 70s, a Benbrook man in their 70s, a Crowley woman in their 90s, and a Forest Hill man in 50s, a Grand Prairie woman in her eighties, a Grapevine man in her seventies and a White Settlement woman in her forties. All 15 had high-risk underlying health conditions.

Of the new cases, 940 were confirmed and 119 were likely. The numbers bring the county’s total cases to 230,088, including 196,739 confirmed and 33,349 likely. The death toll is 2,473.

According to the district, 903 people with the virus were hospitalized on Sunday.

According to the state, 136,865 people in Tarrant County have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine while 44,442 are fully vaccinated.

Collin county

The state added 301 coronavirus cases and two deaths to Collin County’s total on Monday.

Details of the latest victims were not available.

Of the new cases, 256 were confirmed and 45 were likely. The numbers bring the county’s total cases to 77,073, including 65,679 confirmed and 11,394 probable. The death toll is 629.

According to the state, 86,425 people in Collin County have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine while 23,681 are fully vaccinated.

Other counties

The Texas Department of Health has provided coverage for these other North Texas counties. In some countries, new data may not be reported every day.

The latest numbers are:

  • Rockwall County: 9,881 cases (8,173 confirmed and 1,708 likely), 109 deaths.
  • Kaufman County: 13,724 cases (11,853 confirmed and 1,871 likely), 189 deaths.
  • Ellis County: 19,505 cases (17,008 confirmed and 2,497 likely), 251 deaths.
  • Johnson County: 17,394 cases (15,193 confirmed and 2,201 probable), 293 deaths.

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