Dallas Police Officer Trainee Gets Chief’s Attention – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

A new Dallas police officer in training caught the attention of new boss Eddie Garcia this week for going above and beyond in training.

Officer-in-charge Alfonso Garcia was buying supplies for a 9-year-old girl he and field training officer Jonathan Crump found on the floor of an unfurnished apartment in northwest Dallas last week.

The girl had food and a cell phone to help her, but no toys. She told the officers that she stayed at the home while her father worked.

The girl and her father had recently arrived from Guatemala.

Garcia was born in Mexico.

“That’s how I connected with the little 9 year old. She slept on the floor just like me. I slept on the floor for years because we couldn’t afford anything and I saw myself in her, ”said Garcia.

His training officer said state child protection agencies had no complaints about the family situation.

“It didn’t look like an abuse situation at all. It looked like an extremely bad situation. There was no chair. There was no bed. It was just a flat apartment, it looked like it hadn’t been inhabited, ”said Crump.

Garcia surprised his training officer over the weekend by taking a wrong turn, which was really a drive back to the girl’s apartment to deliver an inflatable mattress and toys he’d bought, including a stuffed bunny.

“And when he pulled the rabbit out, she just lit up, stars in her eyes, so fascinated. She had nothing before he did this, ”said Crump.

The training officer’s gesture reached new Dallas boss Eddie Garcia, who tweeted his approval of the extra effort.

“We’re all proud,” said the boss’ tweet.

The training officer helped spread the story.

“What was so amazing to me is that he’s training and trying to make it, and you’re not even a real cop. They are just trying to do the best they can and do everything right. You make that decision for yourself, in your time and for your money, ”said Crump. “It’s really out of our scope.”

Alfonso Garcia seemed to pass the draft to remain a cop on his last day of training.

“There’s always that question mark,” he said.

The freshman said he knew he couldn’t do this for every child he met in his new career, but he would do what he could.

“That’s all we can do to do our best,” he said.

On the final day, Garcia and Crump and his training officer made a second shipment to the girl’s apartment.

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