Dallas places exclusive franchise tag on Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys gave Dak Prescott the exclusive franchise tag, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Cowboys placed QB Dak Prescott per source with an exclusive franchise tag. No other team was allowed to sign it.

– Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) March 16, 2020

By using the exclusive Franchise Tag for him, the Cowboys will be hooked for $ 33 million this season. The Cowboys could have used the non-exclusive label on him that would have paid him $ 28 million, but other teams could have negotiated a long-term deal with him.

If a team had agreed to a deal with Prescott and the Cowboys hadn’t gotten together, Dallas would have received two draft picks for the first round.

Russell Wilson is currently the highest-paid quarterback in the league at $ 35 million a season, and all signs point to Prescott wanting more. However, the two sides could not come to an agreement and this is the right move to keep him for another year.

The big question for the cowboys now is what will happen to Amari Cooper. Only one day can be used with the new CBA. So when Cooper is back it has to be through an agreed extension.

Broad Recipient Julio Jones has the highest average salary among broad recipients at $ 22 million, followed by Michael Thomas who sits at $ 19.2 million.

If the Cowboys lost Amari Cooper after handing him a draft pick in the first round, it would be a bit shocking. So it still seems that all the signs are pointing to something being done to Cooper. If Cooper leaves, the cowboys would have to be aggressive to find his replacement.

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