Dallas Lifestyle Guru Looks Back on Her Rock ‘n’ Roll Past — and Touring With David Hasselhoff

F.Lashback to high school: I see a new student. She has no problem adjusting to her beauty and disarming smile. She is not a mean girl, but kind, sincere and wants to empower the girls around her. I’ve always been drawn to people with innate style – and they have that in their spades. This is how I felt the first time I noticed Moll Anderson from afar.

Moll is one of my better known bomb girls – or at least outside of Dallas, as she only moved here five years ago. She is a New York Times best-selling author, television and radio host, interior designer, and general lifestyle stylist. I decided our first bomb interview should be at the Dallas Museum of Art because I thought we could have a chat and think about art to get to know each other. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it past the lobby. Our conversation lasted hours. It’s easy to lose yourself in her adorable green eyes as she pampered me with highlights from the backstory that brings us to Moll 2018.

Moll was destined for her glamorous and philanthropic life. Her mother, Mary Ellen Kay (formerly Keaggy) was a Hollywood studio contract player and has appeared in a number of films. Moll grew up in Phoenix and was fascinated by design from a young age. Moving around in her family’s furniture, she forced her babysitters to help. For her cardboard Barbie dream house, she even made duvets for the beds and protective covers for the furniture.

On to my favorite vignette from Moll’s life: her rock’n’roll years. She heard of an open casting call for a band looking for good looking people who could wear a tune and dance a little. She landed the gig and joined the Giorgio Moroder project alongside Paula Keane (formerly Mulcahy) and Joe Milner. The band was “very popular in Europe,” she says.

Once they were on tour with David Hasselhoff (famous by Baywatch and then as a singing sensation with a cult following in Germany). They were revered in Italy for their breakout hit “To Be Number One”, the anthem of the Italian soccer team for the World Cup.

Today Moll Anderson is the UNICEF ambassador. When asked why she is so committed, she replied, “I have to get my boots muddy. I was there. I’ve seen firsthand where the money is going. I’ve seen changes. “

Back to Moll’s pop star days. I hope that in her design life she has come up with a fun line of pin cushions – and one of them is adorned with “Long Live Hair Bands”.

Approximate date of this photo.

Somewhere around 1989.

The occasion.

A photo shoot to kick off the world tour of the Giorgio Moroder Project. We were told we were going to be sensations overnight, but all I cared about was finally getting a solid paycheck that could support me and my son.

What you wore

They wanted my hair to be as big as possible. The jackets were all found in a vintage LA store, which translates to cheap. All of these decorations were sewn on by Paula and me. This was the time when Janet Jackson was very hot and when it came to jackets with large shoulder pads and pigtails. It was also reminiscent of the band Heart. I calculated a pair of boots I couldn’t afford at Fred Segal to tie it all together.

What price fashion.

At 40 I started all over again. My son went to college and I moved to Nashville. I wanted a fresh start in a unique and creative place. I was poor again so I got a cheap rental house that I immediately decorated and got a job in a furniture store where I was making $ 10 an hour as I wanted to learn interior design from the ground up.

I decided I needed a big purchase so that I would always see together. I took my little paycheck and bought a Prada saddlebag, which was the bomb. It has a guitar-like strap with turquoise and sterling. It went with everything and could enhance any outfit. I still have it and wear it occasionally.

Why this is a Bomb.com pic of you.

It shows that somehow I knew I could do anything. At first, this job was just a paycheck. Looking back, I realize that we really became famous. I don’t think I cherished that moment back then. I was young and had a child. Our lives moved so fast that I couldn’t understand how larger than life it was that Armani dressed us and we had dinner with Sophia Loren, David Hasselhoff and the President of Fiat.

The World Cup we played had a bigger audience than the Olympics. When we stepped on stage in the middle of the field, the roar of the people was overwhelming.

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