Dallas’ Latin Deli makes it tres with new restaurant in Plano

Plano expects a good meal with the spring opening of Latin deli, a Dallas-based concept opening at 2237 W. 15th St. near the intersection of Custer Road.

The restaurant opens in a small strip center and takes over the former Bear Cha Boba tea room, which closed in December.

Latin Deli was created by Fernando Barrera, a former La Duni manager who opened the first Latin Deli on Abrams Road and Northwest Highway in 2011.

Its menu features Latin American cuisine – Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Puerto Rico – including sandwiches, crepes, salads, baked goods, and coffee drinks.

His bestseller is his chicken, pork and red onion sandwich on ciabatta bread. But his Lomo Saltado, a sandwich on the Peruvian dish with beef, pepper, onions and a fried egg, also deserves high marks.

He pays attention to the little things like using good ingredients and making his own french fries at customer-friendly moderate prices.

Attentive customer service is an important factor in the success of Latin Deli. Yelpers give Barrera high marks for its personal touch.

It is hoping to be open in April and have the same menu in its other locations.

Barrera is no stranger to expansion: in 2016 he opened a location in downtown Dallas that he has since closed. However, the location he opened in Addison Circle in 2019 is still good thanks to a multitude of residences in the same location.

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