Dallas is the 7th Best City in the U.S. to See a Concert, and the Best in Texas, According to Study


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Since we’re from Dallas, we’re always looking for some cultural credibility that we can get. We’re not Austin; We can’t claim to be the OGs hacked and screwed. At least that’s the logic. So if we get the chance to fly the Dallas flag – or rub our pride in the face of the rest of Texas – we better take it. Take part in a new study that says we’re one of the “Top 10 Concert Cities” in the US.

Yesterday, resale ticket seller Vivid Seats published a study that found Dallas among the cheapest (and busiest) concert cities in the country, coupled with big, bad New York City and Columbus, Ohio. (See illustration.) As always, you need to record the results with a specific grain of salt – the data comes solely from Vivid Seats’ own ticket prices and concerts – and even the ranking itself is a bit misleading: Dallas # 7 on the list, but this one Position does not take into account two separate ties further up the ranking, which means we are effectively number 10.

But whatever. We will take it. We also beat Houston, who only finished 13th (19th including a tie). And Austin isn’t even on the list of the top 20 cities in the study.

The study achieves its results by averaging the number of shows held in each city and the average ticket prices of those shows. Here, too, there is a little twist: The shows used in the study run from November 1, 2015 to June 21, 2016 – that is, mostly shows that are not yet on. Dallas was supposed to be one of the top 10 cities in the next eight months.
“These data are more likely for the future, so a look at the past six months, for example, was less relevant,” says Kerry Tuttle of Walker Sands Communications, a PR agency that helped Vivid Seats develop the study. “That way, readers can plan for upcoming shows and what entertainment will take place in places they want to travel to, for example.”

At first glance, ticket prices also seem extreme; Dallas median ticket price for 200 shows in the database is a whopping $ 141 per ticket. But those are resale prices, keep this in mind, which means there is tremendous potential bandwidth and the data goes way beyond the average $ 15 show on Deep Ellum.

“Prices fluctuate. Sometimes tickets are listed for $ 1, but usually they don’t sell for $ 1. Same goes for the higher end of the price: sellers can list it high, but that doesn’t mean a fan ready to buy it at this price, “explains Tuttle. “We share the median price and not the maximum or minimum price, as it more accurately reflects the current ticket options.”

This also explains the absence of Austin – you know, the world’s capital for live music – on the list. “It doesn’t help me as a fan if there are hundreds of shows if they don’t fit my budget,” argues Tuttle. “Dallas has 200 shows in Vivid Seats’ database while Austin has 123. The reason Dallas would make this list over Austin is because there are more shows at an affordable price.”

So take this for what you want There is sure to be someone who will question the logic or credibility of the results. But the point is this: Dallas is a great city to go to concerts, both from an affordability standpoint and the number of show-going options. Oh, and one irrefutable truth: we’re number 1 – with or without a tiebreaker.

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