Dallas, Houston Still Having Restaurant Weeks for Charity

Restaurant Weeks feature affordable gourmet lunch and dinner at some of the best restaurants in the Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth areas.

It’s a great way for people on a budget to socialize and make memories while helping out with a charitable cause.

Houston Restaurant Weeks run Saturday through September 7th. This year, 200 restaurants in the Houston area will participate in the annual culinary event, which will benefit the Houston Food Bank. Money from every purchase is donated. Brunch and lunch are $ 20 each, and dinner is $ 35 to $ 45. Here you can view menus. Call a restaurant direct for roadside options. When you make your reservations, let the restaurant know that you would like the Houston Restaurant Weeks menu.

Houston Restaurant Weeks 2020 is also a time to remember the legacy of founder Cleverley Stone, who passed away in May after battling cancer. Many Houstonians remember Stone as a force helping so many needy in Houston, and their daughter Katie Stone Cappuccio is following in her footsteps.

Houston Restaurant Weeks has raised over $ 16.6 million and provided 44.1 million meals to those and families with unsafe diets.

When asked how she’s coping with the loss of her mother, Stone Cappuccio said in an email on Friday, “To be completely honest – I knew my mother was loved, but I didn’t know how much. It was very fulfilling to speak to people and hear the stories of how she influenced so many people. Losing her was incredibly difficult for me. We talked every day – all day. I’m still looking for her lyrics – and often scrolling through her phone to feel connected to her. But it lives on in every friendship and story. She would be overwhelmed with the outpouring of love. It was very private – and yet it was so public. Her heart was big and she loved this city and the gastronomy very much. HRW must carry on on their behalf, this is their legacy! “

“Restaurants do their best to provide a safe and fun environment for guests. There are also good takeout options for families. And they can search for children’s dishes from some, ”wrote Stone Cappuccio.

“Due to the pandemic, thousands more people are unemployed and need the services of the Houston Food Bank. The restaurants in Houston are badly affected, so this year’s Houston Restaurant Weeks are more important than ever,” said Amy Ragan, chief development officer for the Houston Food Bank . “We invite the community to show their support, whether they opt for a dinner or a take away HRW. This year’s event has special meaning as it is our first year without Cleverley Stone on top. Though bittersweet without her, this event is a remarkable legacy of everything she has done to help famine over the past 17 years. “

After her mother passed away, it seemed the most natural thing in the world to take her mother’s place, wrote Stone’s daughter. “I’ve surrounded myself with their closest friends – their ‘kitchen cupboard’, and they support and coach me. My mother was very specific about how she ran HRW. Your friends keep their rules and lead me. I am sure she is watching and happy. “

In North Texas, DFW Restaurant Week has plenty of options to take away. The annual event will raise funds for the North Texas Food Bank and Lena Pope, an agency dedicated to helping children. This year, 10% of the proceeds will go to the two organizations instead of 20% to better help the participating restaurants.

This year’s DFW Restaurant Week campaign features take-away and new take-away options for three-course fixed-price dinners for $ 39 or $ 49, and two-course lunches for just $ 19. More information about the DFW Restaurant Week can be found here.

In the week from August 31 to September 6, you can enjoy dishes from your favorite restaurants. Note that some restaurants will continue to support until September 27th. The event is presented by Cadillac dealers and promoted by KRLD 1080 AM.

“As restaurants experience a 50 percent drop in sales due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and struggle daily to continue operating, dining at or saying goodbye to the 19 participating restaurants in Tarrant County is more important than ever this year’s DFW Restaurant Week, ”said Dr. Ashley Elgin, General Manager at Lena Pope. “In 2019, DFW Restaurant Week had 162 restaurant attendees and raised a record $ 1 million for its charity partners – $ 289,070 of that went to Lena Pope. This year we would be lucky enough to see a quarter of it. ”

“We hope our residents will see this as an opportunity to return and open their hearts and wallets to serve these benevolent Tarrant County restaurants and our hundreds of families in need. It’s a win-win situation, ”said Elgin.

A virtual event that takes place during the DFW restaurant week is participation in the KRLD team for a “Virtual Ultimate Dining Experience”. After purchasing dinner at the Fire Oak Grille in Weatherford, meals are delivered to your home and Susy Solis, Mike Rogers and Dan Brounoff virtually dine with you on Zoom. The Mercury Chophouse Arlington also offers a virtual dining experience. Your dinner will be delivered to your home and then you can enjoy your meal with the hosts Shan, RJ and Troy. Here you will find details on how to register.

If you’re hungry for another way to help restaurant workers in Dallas-Fort Worth, visit the Southern Smoke’s Emergency Relief Fund to help DFW restaurant workers here.

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