Dallas Galleria hosts easy way to get Girl Scout cookies during March

When the words “Girl Scouts” are pronounced, thoughts usually turn to cookies. But Galleria Dallas and the Girl Scouts in northeast Texas have some other food for thought with We Are History Makers: A Century of Girl Scouts, an exhibition that not only celebrates the achievements of Girl Scouts over the centuries, but also has something to offer – gooder opportunity.

Namely: Guests can donate cookies to Children’s Health heroes. Galleria Dallas will collect donations up to 1,000 boxes.

In addition, local Boy Scout troops will occupy a drive-through stall in Galleria Dallas on the alley every weekend where shoppers can buy biscuits. Now let’s talk.

The historical retrospective extends from 1912 to the present day. A visual timeline shows the history of the Girl Scouts as well as milestones in the history of the organization.

The exhibition, which will be on view at the Galleria in March, will also celebrate the way in which scouting for women and girls has been proactive over the decades.

This exhibit is a change in the routine of the past seven years when the Galleria Dallas hosted teams of local Girl Scouts practicing design, engineering, and architectural skills with Cookie Box Creations. This event won’t happen this year, but that won’t stop the Girl Scouts from sharing their message and, thank God, their cookies.

On Fridays and Saturdays, teams of Boy Scouts set up a roadside operation to buy and collect biscuits on the tour of the famous Galleria Dallas Alley next to The Blue Fish and across from the Dallas North Tollway.

The organization hopes the combination of donated cookie sales and direct roadside sales will help recoup more than 100,000 boxes of lost sales due to the changes forced by the pandemic.

Selling cookies on the side of the road will be possible throughout March as follows:

  • Friday 5-7 p.m.

  • Saturday noon-7 p.m.

Jennifer Bartkowski, CEO of GSNETX, says the cookie program is more than just a fundraiser.

“Girl scouts run their own businesses and adapt to the challenges of the pandemic to safely achieve their goals,” Bartkowski said in a statement. “Each box of Girl Scout Cookies teaches valuable lessons about entrepreneurship and opportunities for girls. The Cookie program is a perfect example of girls’ resilience – we pride ourselves on empowering tomorrow’s leaders.”

The Girl Scout History Exhibit will take place March 5-31 on Level I near the Apple Store. It’s free, while cookies can be donated or purchased.

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