Dallas Fuel end preseason tournament run with win over Seoul Dynasty in 3-2 thriller

The Dallas Fuel have their first win in 2021. Kim “Yong” Yong-Jin and the Fuel coaches still aren’t concerned about the results.

Fuel’s assistant coach still felt this way after Dallas beat the Seoul Dynasty 3-2 in a NeXT Cup exhibition on Saturday morning.

Victory came before the sun first appeared that day. The win didn’t bring any real stakes either, as the Overwatch League season kicks off in April.

That doesn’t make it insignificant.

GGS. That’s just the beginning. We will continue to make progress.

– OW_Rush (Hee-Won Yun) (@rush_coach) January 30, 2021

Dallas won a game against a team with a win record in 2020, a 3-2 win over the Los Angeles Valiant (12-10) on April 5. Prior to that, the Fuel defeated a Philadelphia Fusion team on February 23, 2019, who ended the season 15-13.

Victories over top teams were rare, but the Fuel was just beating a loaded squad in Seoul that came from a trip to the OWL championship series against the San Francisco Shock. The Dynasty could very well be one of the best teams in the league against this season.

But here, too, the results were not the focus of Yong.

“I’m obviously not sad or anything about our win, but it’s not comforting because there are two months left and there are so many things we need to fix,” Yong told the Dallas Morning News via interpreter. “We still have a long way to go and ultimately I would like to say that it is too early to relax now.”

The Fuel won’t be able to play on Sunday because they were swept by Shanghai and Guangzhou a week ago. Yong wasn’t sure if the Fuel would have a live streaming exhibit again before the OWL game started.

But Dallas has made serious strides in gameplay over the past week. The newly formed team looked lost and out of sync against Shanghai and Guangzhou. The support line was thrown out of position and the fuel began to fight when DPS player Jung “Xzi” Ki-hyo failed to take all of his shots.

Our teamwork and skills weren’t good before the game in Seoul, but we’re growing after losing the game.
Bigboss is back
I will do my best. Thank-you

– Xzi (@xzi_ow) January 30, 2021

Support player Jun “Fielder” Kwon didn’t even perform that weekend. All eight Fuel players were up against Seoul, and the Fuel was cleaner in every way.

The Dallas coaching team, led by head coach Yun “RUSH” Hee-Won, harassed the Fuel players for lack of “basics”. They weren’t fighting in the right areas of the map or playing for each other.

Support player Lee “Jecse” Seung-Soon took the brunt of the criticism, Yong said. But he was masterful in the fifth card for Dallas on Saturday.

“(Jecse) stood out the most on our last card. He did very well, but I have to mention that throughout the week of the last week, he was the one who was scolded the most, ”said Yong. “He honestly took up most of the time in terms of feedback sessions during the training.”

Having the fuel look like this day and night within a week was something that fuel trailers are not used to, Contenders League caster Kevin “AVRL” Walker told The News in a telephone interview. AVRL, who had streamed the event with English commentary throughout the tournament so far, firmly believed that this was also important in the preseason.

“Yes, it’s preseason and the results don’t matter, but it has a reputation and the Dallas fans needed a morale boost,” said Walker. “Not just last year, but from every year Dallas had.”

This is due to the results. Dallas has had three overwhelming OWL seasons. Not a winning season, but 2020 ended in collapse when the Fuel struggled with team culture and the team’s star player, head coach, and an assistant coach were released a month before the playoffs.

The current rendering of the fuel may have the greatest potential of any other Dallas group. And while a win over a quality team was solid, Dallas still wasn’t polished.

“I think it’s too dangerous to talk about what’s going to happen in the future. So I can’t really be confident about an impulse, ”Yong said. “But one thing I can confidently say is that compared to what you’ve seen this preseason, what you will see during the season when the league starts will be a lot better.

“You can rely on me for that.”

Walker was most impressed with the Fuel coaches. The week’s difference was a resounding response to the fuel’s wake-up call against Shanghai and Guangzhou. The dragons and cargo seamlessly exposed fuel weaknesses.

The fuel cleaned itself up, and that might be enough to make you believe Dallas barely scratched its own surface.

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