Dallas deemed among world’s top cities of the future in global survey

When it comes to cities on their way to continued global business success, Dallas is at the top of the class.

Dallas ranks 19th in the 2020-21 First Tier 2 Future Cities in 2020/21 published by the FDI Intelligence Division of the Financial Times on August 20. The report takes a “closer look at the non-capitals that are attracting investor attention worldwide”.

“Second tier” cities around the world – defined as non-capital cities with a population of less than 8 million – were rated at 116 data points across five categories: economic potential, cost-effectiveness, business-friendliness, connectivity, and human capital and lifestyle.

Along with 19th overall, Dallas ranks eighth in terms of human capital and lifestyle.

Texas has a stronghold on the global list, with Houston and Austin also making the top 20. Houston ranks third while Austin ranks 11th. Houston ranks third in terms of human capital and lifestyle, and seventh in economic potential. In terms of economic growth potential, Austin ranks eighth.

At the top of the overall list is San Francisco, followed by Montreal in second place.

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A version of this story originally appeared on our sister site InnovationMap.com.

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