Dallas Cowboys Champion Opens New Trophy Club Gym

3Volt Fitness, a new high-intensity, low-impact workout gym opened at the Trophy Club on Monday July 20th. The trainer-style instructions aren’t the only thing that sets 3Volt apart. One of its owners is former Dallas Cowboys athlete Demarcus Ware.

The former Super Bowl champion was a first choice for the Dallas Cowboys in 2005 and spent nine years in the franchise. After becoming the front runner among cowboys for sacking and forced fumbling, he continued his career with the Denver Broncos, where he led the team to Super Bowl 50 victory. Ware retired from the NFL in 2017 after 12 professional seasons and returned to Texas.

“I have undoubtedly been promoted to management positions throughout my career,” said Ware. “As a team captain in eleven years of my career, I know how to lead a team of people. It is time to lead people to healthy lives. “

Ware teamed up with Angela Daniel, a former fitness model and avid athlete, and Randi Chapman, a former D1 track and field NCCA All American, to open 3Volt.

Located in downtown Beck Ventures Trophy Club, this fitness boutique has three dedicated training rooms: one for sculpting, one for burning, and one for strength. There is also an outdoor lawn for conditioning classes as well as youth training.

While opening a pandemic isn’t ideal, the owners ensure that the studio is geared towards success and is safe for its customers. A technology system commonly used in hospitals, Air PHX, keeps the entire facility clean. The rooms are also sprayed and wiped between classes, and members’ temperatures are checked before entering the studio. To learn more about the gym, visit their website or Instagram.

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