Dallas County reports 2,292 coronavirus cases, 15 deaths; Texas again posts record hospitalizations

Dallas County reported 2,292 more coronavirus cases on Wednesday, all of which have been classified as new. 15 new COVID-19 deaths have also been reported.

Meanwhile, 11,992 Texans were hospitalized with the virus on Wednesday, setting another record.

In Dallas County, the youngest victims include eight Dallas residents – a man in their twenties, three women in their fifties, a man and a woman in their 70s, and a man and a woman in their 90s.

Four other victims lived in Mesquite – a man in his fifties, a man in his sixties and two women in their seventies. Others include an Irving woman in her forties, a Garland man in her sixties, and a Cedar Hill woman in her seventies.

All but two of the deceased had health problems. Two lived in long-term care facilities.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins urged county residents to consider high COVID-19 cases and hospital stays when planning how to mark New Years Eve.

“If you haven’t already, please reconsider your New Year’s plans and only celebrate with those in your immediate household. Avoid high-risk places like bars or restaurants,” Jenkins said in a written statement.

Health officials are using hospital stays, intensive care units and emergency rooms as key metrics to track the real-time impact of COVID-19 in the county. In the 24-hour period that ended Tuesday, 989 COVID-19 patients were receiving acute care in hospitals across the county. During the same period, 659 ER visits were made for symptoms of the disease.

“We only have limited availability of beds in the intensive care unit – only 16 beds in the adult intensive care unit in a district of 2.7 million people. And these beds are not only intended for COVID patients, but also for other acute illnesses, trauma and acute surgery recovery, “Jenkins said.

Of the new cases reported on Wednesday, 1,965 are confirmed and 327 are likely. The newly reported cases bring the county’s total confirmed cases to 170,747 and the probable cases to 20,797. The county has recorded 1,611 COVID-19 deaths.

The county has stated that only positive antigen tests (sometimes called rapid tests) are counted as likely cases. Some antibody and household results were previously considered.

While other counties in north Texas are providing estimates of how many people have recovered from the virus, Dallas County officials do not report recoveries because the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not use this metric.

The county provisional 7-day average for daily confirmed and probable cases for the December 13-19 period was 1,787. That number, calculated by the test collection date, is the highest the county has averaged at any point during the pandemic, Jenkins said.

The county reported that 5,971 cases were reported in the past 30 days in school-age children and staff at 756 K-12 schools in Dallas County.

Dallas County doesn’t offer a positivity rate for all coronavirus testing done in the area. County health officials have said they don’t count exactly how many tests are done per day. As of the county’s most recent reporting period, 26.5% of people who showed up in hospitals with COVID-19 symptoms were positive for the virus. This is an increase from the previous reporting period when 23.3% of these patients tested positive.

Nationwide data

Across the state, 21,056 additional cases and 326 COVID-19 deaths were reported on Wednesday. Texas has reported a total of 1,737,447 cases and 27,088 deaths.

Of the new cases, 17,458 were confirmed and 3,598 were likely. The state has reported 1,536,265 confirmed cases and 201,182 probable cases.

The state also added 308 older confirmed cases and 105 older probable cases recently reported by laboratories.

There are 11,992 COVID-19 patients in Texas hospitals – a new national record – including 3,660 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The nationwide average seven-day positivity rate for molecular tests, based on the date of specimen collection, was 18.74% on Tuesday. According to state health officials, using data based on when people were tested provides the most accurate rate of positivity.

For antigen tests, the positivity rate for the same period was 10.38%.

Tarrant County

Tarrant County reported 1,609 coronavirus cases and 20 new deaths on Wednesday.

The youngest victims include 12 Fort Worth residents – one man and one woman in their thirties, one woman in their sixties, four women and one man in their seventies, one woman in their eighties, and one man and two women in their 90s.

Three other victims lived in Arlington – a woman in their seventies and two men in their eighties. The others were a Benbrook man and a Sansom Park woman in their 70s, an Azle woman and a Hurst man in their 80s, and a woman over 100 from North Richland Hills.

The newly reported cases bring the county’s total to 146,888, including 128,610 confirmed cases, 18,278 probable cases, and 107,676 recoveries. The death toll stands at 1,468.

1,374 people are being hospitalized with the virus, according to Wednesday’s numbers on the county dashboard. The occupancy rate of adults in the district’s intensive care unit is 97%, while the total occupancy rate of the beds is 87%.

Collin county

The state added 560 coronavirus cases and eight COVID-19 deaths to Collin County’s total on Wednesday. The county has now reported 47,747 cases and a death toll of 365.

Details of the latest victims were not available.

Of the new cases, 480 were confirmed and 80 were likely. Collin County has 42,873 confirmed cases and 4,884 probable cases. According to state data, the county has 4,354 active cases and has recorded 38,519 recoveries.

The county’s coronavirus dashboard only offers full hospital admissions, now at 551.

Denton County

Denton County reported 591 coronavirus cases – of which 527 are active – and three new deaths on Wednesday.

Recent deaths include a man in his seventies who lived at Denton Post Acute Care at Senior Care, a man over 80 who lived at the Rambling Oaks Courtyard in Highland Village, and a Carrollton man over 80.

The death at the Denton facility, also known as the Brinker Denton Senior Care Center or the Senior Care Health and Rehabilitation Center, is the tenth death district officials reported this month. Denton County Public Health announced the deaths of three residents on December 16 and six more the next day.

The newly reported cases bring the county’s total to 38,547, including 12,721 active and 25,617 recovered cases. They also increase the county’s total molecular cases to 31,722 and antigen cases to 6,825.

The death toll in the county stands at 209.

A record 222 people are hospitalized with COVID-19, reports the district.

Other counties

The Texas Department of Health has provided coverage for these other North Texas counties. In some countries, new data may not be reported every day.

The latest numbers are:

  • Rockwall County: 6,114 cases (5,094 confirmed and 1,020 likely), 50 deaths.
  • Kaufman County: 9,166 cases (8,010 confirmed and 1,156 likely), 116 deaths.
  • Ellis County: 12,893 cases (11,365 confirmed and 1,528 likely), 167 deaths.
  • Johnson County: 10,861 cases (9,623 confirmed and 1,238 likely), 154 deaths.

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