Dallas County reports 1,862 coronavirus cases, 1 death; Tarrant reports 1,537 cases, 6 deaths

Updated at 8:26 p.m .: Revised to include coronavirus data from Dallas County.

Dallas County reported 1,862 more coronavirus cases and one COVID-19 death Sunday.

The most recent death was a Dallas woman in her fifties who was critically ill at a local hospital and had underlying health problems.

Of the new cases reported on Sunday, 1,811 were confirmed and 51 were likely. The newly reported cases bring the county’s total confirmed cases to 118,962 and the probable cases to 11,224. The county has recorded 1,185 confirmed COVID-19 deaths and 26 probable deaths.

The county has announced that it will only count positive antigen tests (sometimes called rapid tests) as likely cases. Some antibody and household results were previously considered.

Although other counties in northern Texas provide estimates of how many people have recovered from the virus, Dallas County officials do not report recoveries because the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not use this metric.

The district reported that 1,224 school-age children tested positive for COVID-19 between November 8 and 14. As of November 1, there have been 2,851 COVID-19 cases among children and school-age employees.

More than two-thirds of all confirmed cases that previously required hospitalization involved people under the age of 65, and diabetes was an underlying disease in about a third of all hospital patients, according to the district.

The county’s preliminary 7-day average for daily confirmed and probable cases for the most recent November 8-14 reporting period was 1,321, the highest case rate the county has seen. According to the district, the number is calculated based on the date of the COVID-19 test collection.

Dallas County does not offer a positivity rate for all COVID-19 tests performed in the area. County health officials have said they don’t count exactly how many tests are done per day. As of the county’s most recent reporting period, 16.8% of people who showed up in hospitals with COVID-19 symptoms were positive for the virus. This is an increase from the previous reporting period when 15.3% of these patients tested positive.

Of the county’s total confirmed COVID-19 deaths, around 23% are attributable to long-term care facilities.

Nationwide data

Texas reported 8,554 more coronavirus cases and 89 COVID-19 deaths on Sunday, bringing the number of confirmed cases in the state to 1,094,275 and the deaths to 20,556.

There are 8,174 COVID-19 patients in Texas hospitals, including 2,301 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Nationwide, the average positivity rate after seven days, based on the date the sample was taken, was 11.3% on Saturday. Health officials have said that using data based on when people have been tested gives the most accurate rate of positivity.

The state also provides a positivity rate based on when laboratory results were reported to the state; This rate was 12.6% on Saturday.

Officials previously calculated the Texas coronavirus positivity rate by dividing the last seven days of new positive test results by the last seven days of total new test results. As a result of this measure, the positivity rate is now around 10% according to the state dashboard.

A Texas Department of Health spokesperson said positivity rate data based on laboratory results and new cases are likely to be phased out, but will be provided for transparency and continuity.

Doctors look at a lung CT image at a hospital in Xiaogan, China.

Tarrant County

Tarrant County reported 1,537 coronavirus cases and six new deaths on Sunday.

Details of the latest victims were not immediately available.

The newly reported cases bring the county’s total to 90,316, including 80,157 confirmed cases, 10,253 probable cases, and 65,340 recoveries. The death toll stands at 830.

765 people are being hospitalized with the virus, according to Sunday’s numbers on the county dashboard.

1,537 new cases were reported today and six deaths today. It took 90 days to reach 10,000 cases in June. It took 7 days to go from 80,000 to 90,000 cases last week! # covid19 pic.twitter.com/wrU89ZL77k

– Tarrant County Public Health (@TCPHtweets) November 22, 2020

Collin county

The state added 690 coronavirus cases to the entire Sunday in Collin County, bringing the number to 23,381. No new COVID-19 deaths have been reported, keeping the county death toll at 238.

According to state data, the county has 2,891 active cases of the virus and has recorded 20,490 recoveries.

The county’s coronavirus dashboard only offers full hospital admissions, now at 275.

Denton County

Denton County officials have announced they will stop reporting new coronavirus data on Sundays.

As of Saturday, the county had reported 21,453 cases, including 4,617 active and 16,690 recovered cases. The death toll was 146.

Other counties

The Texas Department of Health has provided coverage for these other North Texas counties. In some countries, new data may not be reported every day.

The latest numbers are:

  • Rockwall County: 2,538 cases, 36 deaths.
  • Kaufman County: 4,315 cases, 76 deaths.
  • Ellis County: 6,107 cases, 107 deaths.
  • Johnson County: 4,842 cases, 93 deaths.

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