Dallas County announces 454 confirmed coronavirus cases, 1 death; Tarrant adds 624 cases, 2 deaths

Dallas County reported 454 more confirmed coronavirus cases on Wednesday, including 443 that the county considers new and 11 from previous months. A new COVID-19 death has also been reported.

The laboratories report coronavirus cases either directly to the county health department or to the state health department, which then forwards the information to each district. Of the cases reported on Wednesday, Dallas County health officials said 258 were from the state’s reporting system, including 11 as of September and 247 as of October. The remaining 196 cases were reported directly to the district health department.

The youngest victim was a woman in her eighties who lived in Dallas. She had no underlying health problems.

The newly reported cases bring the total number of confirmed cases in the county to 87,835. The confirmed death toll for the county stands at 1,058.

Meanwhile, Dallas County’s Judge Clay Jenkins announced on Wednesday that he was moving the county’s perceived coronavirus risk back to red – six weeks after it was lowered to orange.

“Things that doctors recommend as safe and permissible in ‘orange’ they recommend in ‘red’,” Jenkins said in a written statement. “These things include eating in restaurants and personal care, among other things.”

Additionally, Dallas County reported 50 probable cases on Wednesday, bringing the total number of probable cases to 4,424. The county has also reported 13 likely COVID-19 deaths.

A county spokeswoman said last week that the county only counted positive antigen tests as likely cases, despite some antibody and “household” results.

In an interview on Tuesday, Dr. Philip Huang, director of the county health department, said those few antibody inclusions were likely cases where patients had symptoms of multisystem inflammatory syndrome, a serious condition associated with COVID-19, in addition to antibodies.

“If they had been infected before and then got this syndrome, the antibody test, the serology, could be the test that would show that they were previously infected,” Huang said.

Going forward, Huang said that the county’s definition of likely cases will likely only include positive antigen tests, with one exception.

While other counties in northern Texas are providing estimates of how many people have recovered from the virus, Dallas County officials do not report recoveries as this is not a measurement used by the federal centers for disease control and prevention.

Health officials are using hospital stays, intensive care units and emergency rooms as key metrics to track the effects of COVID-19 in the county in real time. In the 24-hour period that ended Tuesday, 367 COVID-19 patients were receiving acute care in hospitals across the county. During the same period, 431 ER visits were made for symptoms of the disease.

The county’s preliminary 7-day average for daily confirmed and probable cases for the most recent reporting period, September 27 through October 27. 3, was 374 – an increase from the previous week. According to the district, the number is calculated based on the date of the COVID-19 test collection.

During this time, 283 school-age children tested positive for the virus – also an increase compared to the previous week.

Dallas County does not offer a positivity rate for all COVID-19 tests performed in the area. County health officials have said they don’t count exactly how many tests are done per day. In the county’s most recent reporting period, 10% of people who showed up in hospitals with COVID-19 symptoms tested positive for the virus. This is a decrease from the previous reporting period when 10.7% of these patients tested positive.

Nationwide data

An additional 4,564 cases and 95 COVID-19 deaths were reported across the state on Wednesday. Texas has now reported 805,082 confirmed cases and 16,717 deaths.

According to a notice on the state’s dashboard, the nationwide confirmed case total was revised Wednesday afternoon after DSHS reported Brazoria County’s cases by Tuesday 159.

There are 4,131 COVID-19 patients in Texas hospitals, including 1,179 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The nationwide mean seven-day positivity rate based on the date the sample was taken was 7.68% on Tuesday. State health officials said using data based on when people were tested will provide the most accurate rate of positivity.

The state also provides a positivity rate based on when laboratory results were reported to the state; That rate was 7.52% on Tuesday.

Officials previously calculated the Texas coronavirus positivity rate by dividing the last seven days of new positive test results by the last seven days of total new test results. With this measure, the positivity rate according to the dashboard is now 8.24%.

A Texas Department of Health spokesman said positivity rate data based on laboratory results and new cases are likely to be phased out but will continue to be provided for transparency and continuity.

Tarrant County

Tarrant County reported 624 coronavirus cases and two new deaths on Wednesday.

The most recent deaths were two Arlington men, one in their forties and the other in their sixties. The older man had no underlying health problems.

The newly reported cases bring the county’s total to 56,783, including 4,671 probable cases and 47,446 recoveries. The death toll stands at 696.

According to the county’s dashboard, 443 people are being hospitalized with the virus.

Collin county

Collin County added 104 coronavirus cases on Wednesday, bringing the total to 16,488. The county also reported a new death, increasing the number of victims to 167.

The county has 859 active cases of the virus – including 136 people hospitalized according to the county’s dashboard – and has recorded 15,629 recoveries.

According to a notice on the county dashboard, Collin County will close its county dashboard on October 30th and redirect it to the state numbers due to “continuing inaccuracies”.

The county has received its data from DSHS since handing over case management in June and posted a notice on its website warning residents that it has little confidence in the numbers provided by the state.

Denton County

Denton County reported 182 coronavirus cases – 159 of which are active – and no new deaths as of Wednesday.

The newly reported cases bring the county’s total to 14,654, including 2,187 active and 12,351 recovered cases. The death toll stands at 116.

The newly reported cases brought the county’s total molecular cases to 13,192, while the antigen cases stand at 1,462.

According to the county, 62 COVID-19 patients have been hospitalized – an increase of 25 since Saturday.

Other counties

The Texas Department of Health has provided coverage for these other North Texas counties. In some countries, new data may not be reported every day.

The latest numbers are:

  • Rockwall County: 1,749 cases, 30 deaths.
  • Kaufman County: 3,312 cases, 51 deaths.
  • Ellis County: 4,638 cases, 73 deaths.
  • Johnson County: 3,337 cases, 59 deaths.

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